A Melodious Treat from Monginis Sets the Tone of Janmastami

Janmashtami Cake_1

It is Janmastami tomorrow, and yet another Pithe-Puli, Payesh celebration day is on the cards for Bengalis. That’s how we love to brighten the mood of the day while celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

The homemade, traditional sweet dishes are such time-consuming affair these days, lots of Bengalis prefer to bypass. However, that should not dent the holiday mood and festive spirit, as the solution lies with some easily available desserts. Monginis once again has thoughtfully come out to the rescue and for Janmastami, they land up with two special treats that have the flavours to remind you of the holy occasion.

The two Delicious Special Edition Cakes for Janmastami

The first cake is a delicious 100% vegetarian cake that has the perfect decorations to catch the essence of Janmastami. With the flute and peacock bandana of the Lord sculpted on top with fresh cream, this cake not only tastes delicious but is also amazing to look at. This is priced at a modest INR 200 that ensures that people from all backgrounds can afford this delicacy. They have made this available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors so all you have to do is pick your liking and take a bite of this blissful cake.

Jamshtami Cake_2

The next item from Monginis for the occasion of Janmastami is the lip-smacking Malai Pastry. This is another limited edition Janmastami Special item where you have a 100% vegetarian pastry for you to enjoy. Blending the ingredients like Malai, Kheer, Butter, Cream, and Elaichi, this innovation is sure to leave a delightful taste in your mouth. Even this cake is reasonably priced but there has been no compromised on the flavors. If the authentic sweets like Kheer and Malai are mixed with an exotic cake, you can imagine the tasteful explosion within you!

For home delivery, simply call them in the numbers 9330900019 and 9330900020 between 8AM to 7PM to place the order. And they’ll deliver you at your doorstep against a small delivery charge. You can also go to the following link to book the perfect cake for the occasion. – https://monginiscakesonline.whats.bz/#/store


You can be the most health-conscious person but such occasions demand a sugar-rush. It is fun to indulge in some sinful desserts and celebrate an occasion, especially when opportunities to celebrate are so slim in these times of pandemic. So go ahead and grab hold of some of these Janmastami specials from Monginis. I have already tried and would love to allow myself a couple of tasty breaks.


Picture Credit: Monginis

A Delicious Vegetable Chop to Match Your Afternoon Tea

Veg Chop

Confess it or not, Bengalis have a long-standing relationship with chops and cutlets. From as early as restaurants and cabins came into existence, people have been indulging in these delicacies for a quick snack and a perfect companion to our much loved tea. I, for instance, cannot imagine a proper afternoon tea without sinking my teeth into a crisp coating of a warm vegetable chop. As a snack that even vegetarians can indulge in, it is popular and a delicious choice for an instant meal. Monginis, the trusted brand for many years now, has come up with their unique take on this popular food-item.

The Vegetable Chop by Monginis

Newly introduced, the vegetable chop has quickly gone on to become one of their best-selling items. It has a crisp coating made of bread-crumbs deep fried in oil. As for the fillings inside, they use potatoes, beans, beet, carrots, peanuts, kishmish (Raisins), and cabbage. The ingredients are tossed in tomato sauce, butter, ginger, coriander leaves, cumin powder, and garam masala. They add the perfect ratio of salt and sugar to make this snack a blissful indulgence. The product is fried in fresh oil and they ensure that only the freshest of products are served on your plate.

20200721_125651It is quite fulfilling and comes right from the special hot chamber, kept in every Monginis outlet. And you get this warm item at an affordable price of Rs. 15 per piece. You couldn’t hope for a more filling and delicious treat almost in the form of a poetic couplet when the sun setting down at the western horizon. With so many vegetables, the nutritional value is high as well (as healthy as a fried snack gets!).


So what are you waiting for! These delicious treats are available in every Monginis outlet and there are plenty in town. Grab yourself some fresh vegetable chops from here and watch your afternoon tea become a blissful experience. Who better can appreciate the goodness of a nicely prepared vegetable chop than us!

Picture Credit: Monginis & Author

vineOdine Promises Assured Deliveries Without Boundaries


Life has been made easy with the several food delivery apps working round the clock. Especially in these times of pandemic, their relentless service has been the only way that we could enjoy some restaurant delicacies. But how often have you craved for a dish that is served by a restaurant outside the delivery zone of the delivery apps? You probably had to settle for something else but now, with the introduction of vineOdine, you needn’t make a compromise.

All about vineOdine

They are a food and alcohol delivery startup that works to ensure the autonomy that your food deserves. It works for the restaurants in their best interests and also serves the customers with a timely delivery. Now you may be tempted to think what is so different about this startup? Well, for starters, they do not have a restricted service zone. For instance, you could stay in the farthest corners of South Kolkata and be craving the best North Kolkata Delicacy and for a nominal fee, vineOdine would present to you the ideal meal.

This means that the boundaries to you ordering your favorite food are eliminated by vineOdine. The fact that it allows you to choose your own delivery radius is a gift to the foodies in Kolkata and don’t we have a plenty! The food delivery apps are sometimes found lacking when it comes to their association with some of the best restaurants in town. As for vineOdine, they have partnered with the premium restaurants to ensure that the best food in town reaches you personally. Food lovers couldn’t have asked for something better.


Eating out has been a part of our lives that has been jeopardized due to the current situation. But you needn’t worry about contamination while you order from vineOdine. This is because all the delivery procedures are handled independently by the restaurant itself. Their personalized touch ensures that when you order, you are the priority. Until your order has been delivered, you wouldn’t be troubled with another delivery midway that can tamper the quality of your food. So what are you waiting for? Get your food and drinks from vineOdine and party hard, social distancing style!

Cakes on Call from Monginis

A birthday without the ideal cake is like the best cuisine served without salt. Among the few things that we look forward to while growing a year older is the perfect birthday cake that looks good and tastes even better. I have tried cakes across most of the prominent bakeries in India but few can offer the value for money that Monginis does. Now, with the introduction of several new varieties, they are definitely among the hot favorites if you have to opt for a birthday cake.

To make things even better, they have now started home-delivery of these cakes. In these difficult times of pandemic, you no longer have to go down to the stores. Simply call them in the numbers 9330900019 and 9330900020 between 8AM to 7PM to place the order. And they’ll deliver you at your doorstep against a small delivery charge. You can also go to the following link to book the perfect cake for the occasion. – https://monginiscakesonline.whats.bz/#/store

The wide variety of cakes

They literally have a cake for every occasion. Depending on the size of the gathering you can customize the size of the cake and pick from the wide range that they have on offer. Monginis is now providing you with designer cakes, 3D cakes, and even the adorable customized photo cakes. The price range is easy on the pockets as has been the trademark of Monginis ever since they established themselves as a brand. I am furnishing a list of the various types of delicious cakes that you can order along with its price for your convenience.

Black Forest 1 pound: Rs.375

Choco Cherry 1 pound: Rs.350

Choco Marble 1 pound: Rs.375

Coffee Magic 1 Pound: Rs.350

Dutch Chocolate 1 pound: Rs.350

Devil Delight 1 pound: Rs.500

Oreo Cake 1 pound: Rs.350

Butter Scotch Premium 1 pound: Rs.350

Red Velvet Premium 1 pound: Rs.500

Strawberry Fantasy 1 pound: Rs.300

White Forest 1 pound: Rs.400

Alphonso Mango 1 pound: Rs.300

Choco Champ 0.5 pound: Rs.250

Alpine Rocks 0.5 pound: Rs.400

Choco Mango 1 pound: Rs.325

Choco premium 1 pound: Rs.400

Choco Swirl 1 pound: Rs.350

Choco Truffle 1 pound: Rs.375

Hazelnut 1 pound: Rs.400

Chocolate Dutch premium 1 pound: Rs.400

Orange Oracle 1 Pound: Rs.300

Vanilla Delight 1 Pound: Rs.300

They even have some exotic 3D cakes that are priced between Rs.900-2400 depending on the type you choose. The photo cake variant costs around Rs.1000/kg.


Cakes are, of course, not restricted to the occasion of birthdays alone. You can always order one to celebrate anniversaries, gatherings, or simply if you are craving for one. With such delightful offers from the trusted brand of Monginis, there is no thinking twice over which brand to pick. As for the taste, you just need to allow yourself one sinful indulgence to bask in the heavenly sensations of these freshly baked cakes.


Picture Credit: Monginis

Rollick Brings in Belgian Chocochip Ice-cream on a Budget

Belgian Chocochip_1

Wake Up Ice-cream lovers!

As you swear by your love for Belgian Chocochip Ice-creams, lemme swear that I’ve also tasted the same from several brands and while they have pleased me with the taste, none of them were really pocket-friendly. We might finally have the answer to such problems. The Belgian Chocochip Ice-cream by Rollick will not only please your taste-buds but will also be easy on your pockets. In these hard times of pandemic and economic distress, you do deserve to treat yourself to some delicious servings of Belgian Chocochip Ice-cream and look no further because Rollick is here.

About the Product:

One of the most impressive things about the product is the authenticity. Rollick has not compromised on quality and one bite into this sinful dessert will make you realize the quality of the chocolate used. They have used 100% cocoa butter for this one and it reflects in the rich creamy taste that the ice-cream offers. Belgian chocolate is known among the chocolate lovers for picking the finest of cocoa beans. Rollick procures the high-quality of chocolate that they have used in this product. The end-result is a delight for all you chocolate lovers.

Belgian Chocochip_2

Chocolate ice-cream is among the most-loved flavors all around the world and is particular favorite among the kids. The bowl of Rollick’s Belgian Chocochip ice-cream will bring back the nostalgia of the best ice-creams you have ever tasted. The best part – it will cost you INR 190 for a 750ml Tub. You can enjoy it with your family and honestly, that is the best kind of happiness that you find in these tough times when we are all locked up in our houses. You can easily order it from Zomato or Swiggy and get it delivered instead of taking the trouble of heading to the store.


Rollick has been a trusted brand for several years now. They have never disappointed with their unique products and with their new introduction they are all set to satiate your thirst for a great dessert to finish off your meals. You can worry about the calories later! For now, indulge in this heavenly taste and relish the blissful experience.

The Creamy New York Cheesecake – Heaven in the Mouth!

NY Cheese Cake_Actual

A couple of days back, my son Ritwik went to meet up with his friends at CC 1. And since there is not much of an option left to sit for a while to have a freshly brewed hot coffee, they had to slip into Starbucks. Ritwik is a foodie and he is an explorer to try out new, fine foods. So while sipping his coffee, his search spree was on and this time, it ended with an exotic New York Cheesecake.

At home, I was craving  something different. Ritwik came in at 8 pm with two pieces of delightful New York Cheesecake and winks at me pointing his fingers towards the pack. Now, those who are aware of the complexities of this unique dessert will know that not every bakery can perfect the art of making these. I decided not to waste a single minute and jump at it.

I can’t say that it was easy on the pockets. Costing a whopping INR 310 (including tax), it had me doubting for a moment that maybe this was a gamble that wouldn’t pay off. However, one bite into this blissful delicacy and I knew it was money well-spent. The fulfilling taste of the Graham Cracker base and the creamy texture filled my mouth with delightful sensations. I can still close my eyes and recall the rich taste of this cake that faintly lingers on my taste-buds. It is no surprise why the Cheesecake is one of the most sought-after desserts in the United States of America.

How to Make the Perfect Cheesecake?

I was mighty impressed with the taste of the New York Cheesecake and probed a little into the making of this exotic dessert. A wide array of elements goes into making this tasty snack and from sour cream to cream cheese to melted butter and vanilla, it is a cake for the Kings. The balance of the ingredients is the key and a small mistake might ruin the taste and texture. Get your hands on some good Graham Crackers and crumble them down. Take some sugar, salt, and melted butter. Flour, Sour cream, vanilla extract, and egg yolks are the other ingredients that go into making this delicacy.

Once the cheesecake bakes perfectly, it freezes pretty well and can be stored for long duration of time. The tangy taste of the sour cream, the creamy texture of the cream cheese and the hint of vanilla make this such a lip-smacking dessert. You must ensure that the best possible quality is maintained while picking the ingredients because as I said earlier, there is no room for error in this one.


Drooling already? You can always try out the recipe although I must warn you, it is indeed a cake for the experts to bake. For a shortcut, you can always head to a Starbucks outlet and grab one of these mood-changers. No matter what the time and occasion, you would come out with a smile and a heavenly taste in your mouth.


Picture Credit: Ritwik Chatterjee

Classic Chicken Puff from Monginis Bringing in Countless Smiles

Chicken Puff

Rains! A hot cuppa! And a pair of freshly baked classic chicken puff from Monginis! What can be a better combination to uplift the mood of a rain-marred evening?

Rain, or no rain, the brand Monginis has become a part of my daily life. Serving the lip-smacking savories they have earned my heartfelt love over time. I have been consuming their products for several years now and have always appreciated the quality of the products. The Chicken Puff is another feather in their cap. This product has lured the mass to the Monginis outlets and has become one of the most-loved quick bites.

At Monginis, you will get Chicken Web and Caterpillar as well. And both the items are widely popular. Here, I will mostly focus on my favourite and trustworthy Classic Chicken Puff which I love to savour along with my afternoon tea for years now!

The quality of the Chicken used

For those frowning over the quality of the chicken that is used in these puffs, you can rest assured. The chicken that they procure goes through several parameters before it is finally accepted by the company. Firstly, they ensure that the supplied chicken is delivered at a temperature of 4°C. The chicken supplied comes in insulated ice-boxes which help in regulating the ideal temperature. The colour must be bright pink to ensure freshness and they do not accept pieces with bloodstains, dirt, feather, and bones. Monginis assures its customers that they use 100% Halal certified chicken only and once they receive the chicken, they store it in temperature of -16°C to maintain the freshness.

Affordable and Delicious Chicken Puff

One of the most impressive things about the chicken puff is that the Classic version comes at Rs. 16 only. The other variants, Caterpillar and Chicken Web, both are easy on the pocket while being delicious. The flaky yet firm crust gives way to a sumptuous chicken filling and a divine bite into this puff is all it takes to fall in love with the taste. You feel the chunky chicken pieces lovingly wrapped in the puff.  The magic in the bite and the harmony of taste make this item an absolute hit among their most-sold items. The special hot chamber, kept in every Monginis outlet offers you to serve them warm. And that is the reason for which people come back for such timeless classics for years.


People have relied on Monginis for so long because even with the inflation hitting the markets, they have always served quality food at affordable prices. Their cakes, pastries, and savories have been favorites among the citizens for a long time now, and if you haven’t tried their Chicken Puff yet, it is high time that you do! I assure you that you will not be disappointed.


Picture Credit: Monginis

Tak Heng and Calcutta Deli Prioritize Hygiene as Business Ethics


Have you ever met a food entrepreneur who appreciates nature and sticks to his ethics even if it means great loss for his business? I, on my part, have the pleasure of saying “yes” and that’s because I have been acquainted with Prithvish Chakravarti, the owner of Tak Heng and Calcutta Stories Café & Deli.

Restaurant food in the times of corona has been a distant dream for many but he is making it possible with his rigorous attention to the safety guidelines. He mourned more about the loss of greenery due to the cyclonic storm Amphan than the loss in his business due to the lockdown. And he is a huge team-man who preferred to stay back with his workers to boost their morale when he could easily enjoy the comfort of his home in South City. So let us take a look into his restaurants and business plans that make him stand out in the crowd!

His strict adherence to safety norms

He puts the health of his customers above his business. And these are not just empty words but something that I infer from his actions. Although the Government Authorities have permitted the opening of restaurants, he has not yet opened the dine-in facilities for his restaurants. The logic behind it is sound. It is known that a large number of people are asymptomatic but they can spread the virus. A meal at one of the restaurants where you are eating in a closed atmosphere with a normal AC circulating the same air, the risk is too high to take.

Considering this, Prithvish has decided to delay the opening of his restaurants for now. But you can always order your favorite dishes from these restaurants and let me assure you, that the lockdown has had no effect on the lip-smacking taste that is their identity. Calcutta Stories Café & Deli also sells raw meat products and it is ensured that even those items reach you safe maintaining the highest of sanitization protocols. He does have plans to reopen the restaurant soon. He would do so with an outdoor seating facility so that the ambiance has fresh air. The seating arrangements would be spaced out and thus, limited. But he does feel that going ahead he has to put a higher price on the safety of customers than on business itself.

Safety Measures:

So what is the guarantee of the safety of the food that you are ordering in? Well, there is plenty. For starters, the owner has taken care to ensure that all safety guidelines are abided by. The sanitizing chemicals that they are using as of now are fit to their individual purpose. For instance, the chemical which can be universally used on humans, raw vegetables and inanimate stuff as well is simply too expensive to use everywhere and highly flammable as well. So they’re carefully used on humans and vegetables and other variants to mop the floor. Yet another variety is used to mop the floor of the eateries. To my utter surprise, I found, even the doorknobs are getting cleaned with utmost care using some special sanitizers. In short, they are fully equipped to hand out the safest and most delicious food that you can savour at this hour.


The hardest of times show the truest of characters. With the spirited work that I have observed in this man and his small team, it is almost like a breath of fresh air in the times of pandemic. His zeal and compassionate business methods where he cares more about the people than his business, speaks highly of his work-ethics. Happy to be an acquaintance of such an enigmatic character and with a few more, am sure we will fight out the hard times with some able soldiers!


Picture Credit: Prithvish Chakravarti


Ankit Shaw: An Emcee with a Difference


Anchoring an event is like holding it together. The perfect anchor is beyond the usual witty person with smart vocabulary. It takes more attributes like pleasing personality and a general charm that grabs the attention of the audiences. Ankit Shaw is one such entity in the world of Emcees who has successfully managed to wield his excellence in conducting events all over the country and the world.

The Struggle

It is not like he found success handed out to him. Ankit Shaw had to work against all odds at one point in his career. He was a trained dancer and has even performed in some big shows like the IPL opening ceremony. He shifted from working as a crime journalist to struggling in the TV industry for many years. Soon, he realized his potential as a content creator and it all changed for him when he agreed to a major sports event. He took the risk and once it paid off, there was no looking back for him.


As of now, he is a celebrated Emcee who has been working with corporate events, press conferences, social events, launches, and even live concerts. His work with Tedx has provided him with the chance to represent Kolkata and Live Artists. For his events, he has travelled around the world to places like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Such is his versatility that he has hosted one of the biggest events on Cruize travelling and has done a great variety of events.

The things that make him special

6a6e466e-9050-4f8d-8e78-7e50496785ddSo what is it about him that makes him woo the events with his presence? For starters, his discipline is one of his greatest assets. Over the years, he has managed to build up to a successful career for himself because he prioritized discipline in his life more than anything else. He is a hard-working individual who takes up challenges even if it requires immense ground work. This is evident from the way he conducts his events and the amount of research and preparations that go into his performances. His logic is simple. In his own words, “An actor prepares for their role; business tycoons prepare risk management and profits, why not anchors?”

His professionalism speaks volumes about his potential and is a great quality that the organizers are looking for in an Emcee. When he is hailed as one of the most stylish Emcees in Eastern India, it is no exaggeration. He earns the respect of the audience with his content, captivates them with his graceful presentation, and impresses them with his overall personality. It is no surprise that this dignified and hard-working gentleman was bestowed with the Rubaru Mr. India Face of West Bengal 2020 which was a proud moment for the community. As for us, we wish him the very best for his journey down the road. May he continue to entertain as always! May the charisma bring joy to more events!

No Worries! Enjoy a Guilt-free Meal at Subway


The time is tough with a scare of the Coronavirus looming large. The fear of infections has probably jeopardized your plans of eating out as the hygiene of your favourite restaurants is now under the scanner. At Subway, however, as a perfectionist food blogger, I can assure you that the best of hygiene and safety regulations are maintained and the food is safe to consume.

How Subway restaurants are maintaining hygiene?

You will be pleased to know that all Subway restaurants are strongly abiding by the guidelines issued by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India/Ministry of Home Affairs or other relevant organizations. Here are some of the measures they do to make sure the food that reaches you is safe and hygienic:

  • Sanitization of all equipment and food contact surfaces are given utmost importance. They use approved food-grade sanitizers that are approved and carry no health-risk for the consumer.
  • They have stopped the use of sandwich baskets and trays to eliminate the chances of contamination by reuse. Now, the focus is on sanitizing the entire facility at regular intervals.
  • In the kitchen, the vegetables are thoroughly washed with Subway approved veggie wash and we use 3 sink method to wash and sanitize utensils. This ensures that you have the freshest of vegetables nourishing you.
  • During the preparation of food, the staffs wear masks and gloves and also wash and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • You can breathe easy knowing that Subway also has the system of maintaining daily employee health screening logs.

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Ordering in? Subway ensures safety for take-away as well delivery orders!

I understand that it might not be feasible for everyone to come down to the Subway restaurants for your favourite subs. As a solution, their delivery services along with their Food Delivery Partners strictly adhere to safety guidelines. The packaging for home delivery is neatly done with Subway approved tamper-proof labels for inner and outer packaging. The temperature of the food delivery staff is checked and it is ensured that his hands are properly gloved before handling your food.

Subway’s Temporary Logo-Mask Initiative:

I think, the ringside view of the Subway safety measures gives proof to convince you to go for it. In short, the contact is the bare minimum and that too is regulated by strict safety guidelines. Your safety is of paramount importance and they are taking extreme care to make sure that it is not compromised. A delicious and nutritious Subway sandwich is your right and Subway has taken it upon itself to take care of the food-safety issues. So stay safe and keep enjoying your favorite subs, salads or wraps without the slightest of worries.