ConnectIndia Launches International Blogging Community, IndUs

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Keeping in tandem with the innovation spree of “Brand Bengal”, ConnectIndia launches, for the first time ever, an international blogging community, “IndUs”, primarily targeting youngsters, making it a very unique project by a single company in the entire nation.

Blogging will primarily be focused on three domains – Cross-cultural Travel, The Life of a Student, and The Life of an Employee (work place/ work life). For this, ten bloggers from each country will be selected keenly. These ten bloggers will simultaneously blog on the various domains and share their views and experiences. No migrating blogger will be entertained.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder and CEO of ConnectIndia, Subhasis Chatterjee, a web Journalist & a content analyst with an experience legacy of more than 23 years expressed his views saying, “it is a gift and innovation towards the entire blogging community in Bengal and India. It’s a dream project for us and we want to make it big ensuring global footprints. Not only will this give vent international exposure and cultural exchange to the bloggers, but also strengthen public relations between nations.”

Sayantan Mitra, a former student of the Calcutta Boys’ School and presently an Economics Undergraduate at The College of Wooster, Ohio, is the Chief Coordinator of the project in the US. He is excited. “The very first day when I came to know about this initiative in Kolkata, I was enthused. On returning to my college in Ohio, I did my own research and noticed how brilliant the idea was. To taste the water, I talked to some sponsors and the response was overwhelming. In my view, bloggers are not just writers. They’re gifted thinkers. They share their thoughts with the world and that is what spreads like wildfire. Therefore, I feel that personal touch is very important. If we can make this happen, then we’re looking at the next big thing the world should watch out for,” he sounds positive about the prospect.

The program kicks off with two countries, India and the United States of America, and promises to add on many more along the way. Through this initiative, ConnectIndia promises to groom and nurture budding bloggers on board and simultaneously will set up the platform for the next generation to take up blogging and content writing as career options.

  By Ritwik Chatterjee

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Content Writing Workshop

ConnectIndia_Actual_2Most Students face problems choosing the right career; they are caught between what they want to be and what their parents want from them. But with proper counseling and guidance they can transform into highly efficient professionals. Then again, not everyone is comfortable with a normal day job with routine work hours. Different people have different types of commitment and they should choose a job, which works out well for them. They can opt for a career which not only utilizes their skills to the fullest but also offers flexible work hours.

Content Writing can be a lucrative career option in India and it offers ample scope of growth. But not everyone is aware of its true potential; this is what makes Content Writing Workshops so important. Usually these events create a lot of buzz and the tickets are sold out in the blink of an eye. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why you should most definitely attend a Content Writing Workshop.

1. Hear it from the Experts: There are plenty of expert panelists who are there to help. They have years of experience in the domain and that education can really help you in the future. The key insights and technical know-how will help you in reaching your ultimate goal.

2. It saves a lot of money: If you don’t have the proper knowledge about a particular thing, it can prove costly to you. Applying the writing skills without knowing the basics in a pointless exercise and some courses can be very expensive. So by attending the workshop, you not only save quite a lot of money, but also acquire valuable knowledge. This can make you a better writer with bright possibilities.

3. Job opportunities: This is the main attraction of these workshops, as recruiting officers of big companies often come there to spot new talent. An important part of the workshop is the interactive session, in which the candidates get a chance to connect with the industry leaders. If you can impress them, who knows, you might come out with a job.

4. It is designed to make learning fun: It is the place where new ideas are generated and out of the box thinking is encouraged. The experience can totally rejuvenate you and the concepts which are taught will facilitate your success.

5. Networking: Meeting like-minded people can be very helpful. Networking with the other attendants can give a chance to discuss relevant matters and listen to their point of view. Most importantly, networking helps in building useful professional connections.

So you need to act fast, as time is running out. You can’t afford to miss the Content Writing Workshop by Connect Course. This opportunity can give your career, the much needed boost and bring you closer to your dream job.

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By Pathikrit Banerjee

Proforce Starts Sports Education, Aiming to Build Complete Person


Proforce, a newly established company, dedicated to popularizing sports education in the country, offers organized sports coaching to the school children. It focuses on the importance of sports and games in moulding a child into a complete person. They also believe that sports and games have a decisive role in developing in a child the quality of leadership, teamwork and perseverance.

Proforce has been formed by veterans from the fields of sports and Armed Forces and its core team consists of extremely competent sports trainers with international accreditation. With the vision of building a sporting nation the company joins hands with the eminent schools of the nation and introduces different programs and campaigns to shape the childhood the pupils.

Proface runs an effective campaign under the name of ‘Every Child Nutrition Policy’ which aims to provide a modified diet plan made in accordance with the Indian standard and prescribed by experts in child and sports nutrition. The web portal of the company can be accessed and utilized by the parents of the growing children. Through the website they can take assistance from the certified nutritionists with regards to their child’s dietary counseling.

With this end in view Proforce introduces a wholesome training and development program at Don Bosco High School, Borivali, Mumbai on the day of the bicentenary celebration of its founder Father Don Bosco. In alliance with Abhi Foundation, Proforce opens its ‘Holistic Sports Coaching Centre’ not only for the students of Don Bosco but also for every students living around Borivali. Many well known personalities belonging to the fields of sports and games attended the event including Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi, the former player of the Indian Hockey team, Mr. Bhadarakar, Director of Sports Authority of India, Mr. Steven Dias, international level Football player, Mr. Jayesh Rane from Mumbai FC and many more.


The aim of the program is to offer personalized attention to each and every student and develop them through rigorous training modules. The enrollment for the initial batch has already been completed and the same for the next batch starts in September.

The last few years have witnessed an alarming growth of obesity among the school going children and this is mainly caused by the lack of physical activities and over eating of junk foods by those children. Proforce attempts to address these two major issues faced by the parents of the growing students at present. Proforce urges those parents to maintain a balance between the times their children spend on studies and play.

That is why Proforce’s development program encompasses different sports session on Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Handball etc. on a regular basis. Moreover there are also sessions on several performing arts like music, dancing, drama and more to engage the students in different extra-curricular activities.

Proface also emphasizes on the involvement of teachers of those schools in shaping the health and the character of the students. Hence it assigns each of them with a specific sports category to look after. The teachers are also asked to provide their suggestions and feedbacks on the effectiveness of the training modules on the students.