Technology and Blogging Connect India and the World

LogoI was a participant of the amazing workshop arranged for the science students of Don Bosco, Liluah. 7th November, 2015 will be etched in my memory for ever and I am eagerly waiting for the next interactive session. This day my school gave me the golden opportunity to take part in the amazing “Firefox Download: The IndUS Way” event. This event was skillfully arranged and conducted by the IndUS blogging community and Mozilla. This event opened in front of us a whole new world of blogging and the thing which drew my attention most was the new initiative of Mozilla.

I was initially irritated to wear my school uniform and head towards school as it was a bright, sunny Saturday morning. However, my sore feeling soon turned to much enthusiasm and fun as the event proceeded. We were welcomed and introduced to the IndUS community by our Principle, Father Sunit Kiro. He then handed over the mike as well as the apparently impossible responsibility, of making us sit for two long hours, to Mr. Subhasis Chatterjee. But this time Mozilla and IndUS made the impossible, possible as we were all literally glued to our seat as well as Subhasis sir’s words.

The first segment introduced us to the world of blogging, content writing, creative writing and e-book writing. It was great to know that there existed lots of such areas which we can take up as profession. Trainings and degrees are also arranged if you wish to take up these courses apart from the conventional engineering and medical studies. The most interesting thing I leant in the second phase of the event is that Mozilla has recently introduced the opportunity of downloading the Firefox browser in 90 different languages including Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati and a lot more. We were taught by Subhasis sir to download the browser in Hindi and downloading it on my own gave me Goosebumps!

I was amazed to know how Mozilla took the initiative to bridge the inter-communal gap between different Indian communities. Mozilla aimed at globalizing the Firefox browser make India’s unity stronger. In other words both Mozilla and IndUS aimed at connecting India and the world- Mozilla through technology and IndUS through blogging. The best part of the event was to receive free goodies from Mozilla. To sum up, the workshop was worth appreciating and I totally support the endeavors of both IndUS and Mozilla to bring India and the world together.

Written By: Abhinab Mishra, XISc, DBL


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