Blogging 101: 4 Cool Ways to become famous with Indus Youniverse

Launched in 2015, Indus Youniverse is the most ambitious project of ConnectIndia – a professional content creation service having the most experienced and talented writers found online. Indus Youniverse is a creative community. It is a platform which aims to make the world a better place for students by giving them a proper career roadmap. It is a network which wants to connect students all across the world, irrespective of religion, caste and country. We want the students to discover themselves and be famous.

Indus New Logo

In Indus Youniverse, we basically operate in four domains.

  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Art (Painting, Graphic Designing & Others)
  • Movie-making (Documentaries, Short Films, Video Art)


How can you contribute?

We cover a wide range of topics on Indus Youniverse and you can contribute by:


  • Writing a Blog on any topic of your choice:


  • Showcasing Your Photography Skills:


  • Submitting your Poems, Short Stories, Personal experiences, confessions, etc. :


  • Trolls, Memes and Jokes originally created by you:


  • Sketches/ Graphic Designing/ Paintings you have created:


  • Submitting Your Films (Documentaries, Music Videos, Short Films, Video Art)


What Are The Requirements? 

  • Must be an Indus Youniverse member
  • Submit original material in timely fashion
  • Excellent command in either English or Bengali or both


We were featured in Bengali daily Ei Samay.


You will take part in:

  • Online Contests


  • Competitions


  • Workshops


  • Seminars


  • Grooming Sessions



What are you waiting for? Start Discovering yourself!


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