Asian Immigrants are Shaping Tomorrow’s America



A recent study has shown that the US will continue to be a nation for the immigrants and most of the new arrivals will be coming from Asia and the number will keep increasing.


Old stories

According to the oldest stories prior to the independence of the US, groups of immigrants aided in the growth of the nation and the enrichment of the identity of America. This development was not only through blood relations but through an ordinary understanding of life being a free man. Initially new people came from different regions of England and after that from Germany. This was followed by immigrants from Ireland as well as from eastern and southern Europe. At present the predominant immigrants are from different areas of Latin America and Mexico. With course of time one group of people slows down while the other grows due to a lot of reasons.
Future prediction.

Recently, a new study at the Pew Research Centre made the following predictions about the upcoming Americans-

• By 2065 there will be near about 441 million of them which means a 36% hike.
• Immigrants along with the offspring will take up 88% of what increases.
• No ethnic popular groups or racial groups will be there by 2055. 46% of the population will be occupied by the whites compared to 62% at present.
• The number of Hispanics and Mexicans heading towards the US is gradually slowing down.
• Along with that the no. of Asian Americans is sharply rising upwards. Asia has evolved as the largest basis of new colonizers since 2011. As predicted by the Pew project, 14% of the Americans will turn out to be of the Asian origin by 2065.


The new inhabitants

At present most of the new immigrants in America are of the Indian or Chinese origin. This is partially because the laws of immigration were revised in 1965 which brought to an end of the quota system which favored western and northern Europe.

Another motivating reason is education. With the rise in income of the Asian countries, most of the young and aspiring Asian prefers to pursue higher studies in the US Universities. According to Pew, at present the new Asian immigrants are the most highly educated in the history of the US.

Apart from all these, a visa enactment program of the 90’s gave fresh opportunity to the expert workers. People from the Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, Japan and the Republic of Korea has got green cards based on employment which also allows the status of permanent residentship and the chance to attain citizenship in the long run.


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