In Search of a Unique Hobby


Meet Soumen Chakraborty, a man of 69 and is among those lucky individuals who have successfully developed a unique hobby amidst the din andtle bus of Kolkata.

It started roughly 45 years ago when one day he was walking through his locality and this amazing thing caught his attention. It was a beautiful Galicha (carpet), a piece of great art, hanging from one of his neighbour’s balcony. He was bowled over by the craftsmanship and it seemed very nice to him. The thought of how to do it kept his mind engaged the entire day. Though a novice, he decided of sewing one like that. The only thing he knew about sewing is to pass the thread through the needle and yet decided to take up the venture without even knowing the ABC.


How it started

As a part of his first attempt he bought 3nos. of gunny bags and a basic design and started to work by attaching those gunny bags together. He selected a design and placed it on the mats and his engineering background helped him in this area. It took him ten long years to complete that Galicha made with gunny bags, silk thread and wool. Through these ten years, he acquired quite a lot of knowledge and experience and there was no looking back since then.

The first successful attempt

His first Galicha made with gunny bags, silk thread and wool followed the next made of cotton thread on cotton cloth. He further went on making different double bedcovers and of course Galicha. Some of them were finished within six months and some took even one year. This is mainly because in the initial years he was busy with his office. But whenever he managed to take out some time off his busy schedule he started stitching. He gradually collected a better design book and stitched more amazing designs. The entire job was no doubt very challenging but his passion for stitching Galicha and worship craftsmanship in the form of art went on increasing. Finally, he took it as a hobby.




The very first Galicha he stitched was his favorite one and he presented that to his grandson on his first birthday. He was elated to see him loving it like anything and requesting him to gift another one.

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