Give Us Freedom to Choose Our Future

As soon as you finish off your ICSE and get into +2, the war starts. The struggle between the parents’ wish & your own dream takes a rough shape. Lots of confusions, lots of frustrations and the continuous peer pressure crush you. Is that what you wanted? Rishav Ojha hits back.

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As soon as we reach class 10, ICSE haunts. Although the fact is, it is quite easy, but it does. But it is actually the parents who suffer more. For, the thoughts of Engineering already start invading their minds.

So, basically there are 4 kinds of students.

1) Who know what to do with life – Engineer or Doctor
2) Who know what to do with life – Chartered Accountants
3) IAS and IPS officers.
4) Others. As for myself. Who is studying commerce even though I want to become a journalist.

What happens next? 7 out of 10 engineers go on to have a banker or IT chaakri. 6 out of 10 Chartered Accountants fail.
The IAS and IPS officers are mostly from Bihar and UP, so bunk it. And lastly, us, who no one gives a shit about.

Now let’s talk a little about the 4th type.
Me…. And the others.

As I said, I am a journalist in the making, who is studying commerce and, naturally, hates Maths. (No kidding, my math grade is lower than Kenya’s GDP). And I know there are many other ‘misfits’ who are studying commerce because either they were rejected by science or humanities has been termed as arts and is thus, disgraceful to be studied. Now let’s not get into society matters, I am just a 17 year old kid. Duniya daari I don’t know. And people still expect me to pass in Maths. *sigh*

So, one question that is hurled at me every time I go to a family party, is, why Journalism? “Beta CA Karo, paisa aaega, sirf 4 saal ka mehnat hai, fir arram Hi arram”
And I am like, No.

I want to become a journalist, because, nowadays, power is everything, and media is power. It’s simple.

I mean obviously, I don’t want to be someone who will be reporting about why Virat Kohli broke up or get some masala news as to get Rakhi Sawant to speak for Indrani Mukherjee or cover Radhe Maa for the past 8 days.

I want to be someone who can exploit the problems of India from the root cause.
Why is it that only the rich are in the news? Why always are the celebrities in the news?
There are so many things about India that needs to be changed. But, one thing I know, and that is, that India needs no change. It needs a revolution.

Why should a news channel always favour a particular party? What does India have to do with the colour of the underwear Salman Khan is wearing? Nowadays, news is nothing but the views of the media.

As I said, India needs a revolution. What if people like Shashi Tharoor rule India instead of people like The Gandhi’s?

People hate Chetan Bhagat because he isn’t one of those people who writes about rivers, moons or alien attacks in USA, he writes about the general Indian Society. The people hate his books, but love the movies made on his books. I was not someone who reads books. But ‘The Three Mistakes of My Life’ was the first book that I read. And I liked it.

Why are people with a different mindset considered to be “bad” and “anti social” and stuff? Why do I always have to do things in a manner that would please the society?

India has rights, We, The People, have rights. But no freedom. We have the right to education, but no freedom for education. We have the right to express our feelings and thoughts, but no freedom to do it. Rights without freedom is like, to Quote Mr. Desouza, “You can go to the toilet, but you May not”.

Coming towards the end, I, a teen of 17, truly believe that India can become a developed country only when people allow it to be. Only when people put down social barriers (remove them) and become one can India achieve the tagline of “A Developed Country” and for this to happen, it’s the parents who have to grow up first.


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