Lots of Avenues…So Where You Start Shouldn’t Necessarily be Where You End

Do not stick to the cliché saying…This is an age of innovation where you can discover yourself in a different way every singly morning — Blogs Studley James



Indus New LogoYesterday was quite a relaxing day, which ended in me, finishing the novel I was reading (a small but enjoyable victory).  The novel I finished was “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien: the book was arguably a work of fiction but his fascinating recollection about the Vietnam War was extremely intriguing. It also invoked in me the urge to read again since I’ve always been an avid reader. In fact, I can’t vouch for everyone but reading almost always makes me feel empowered — Empowered to think about my own life, my own battles and my own way of thinking.

Right now, what I am thinking about would most definitely be where my life is going to look like after graduation. I have so many interests and passions (and yes, one of them is English) that I feel torn about where to take my life, whether I want to stay here or go back home, whether I want to do research or public outreach or continue my studies or pursue literature (or all four? At the same time? Ha ha, now you know my dilemma).

However, as I drone about what every other 20-something year old drones about, I realized scrolling down my LinkedIn profile that there are so many avenues you can take in life that where you start shouldn’t necessarily be where you end.  I know it’s the most clichéd saying of this century where everyone is harping about interdisciplinary knowledge, job skills intertwined with writing, research, outreach, networking, analyzing, and critical thinking. But it’s also very hopeful. At least it is this hope I am riding on as I search for work and internships so I can be successful (whatever that means: could be topic for another time).

The idea of success brings to mind; the next book I am reading is “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Let’s see what thoughts this book will incite and inspire.



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