The Big Reflection of the Big Apple

Listen to the mesmerizing shopping experience of Studley James in St. Louis & New York during fall break and Thanksgiving. 

Black Friday_1

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to have visited both St. Louis and New York City during fall break and Thanksgiving respectively. While St. Louis was much more chill (considering we spent much of our time near Washington University around the Loop), New York is well, New York. Now New York during Black Friday sales is something else entirely.

Throngs of people on the streets getting the best deals at Zara, American Apparel, Topshop and other names of companies I can’t pronounce, at least not without sounding pretentious. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to have experienced this shopping frenzy. Not for the shopping deals (honestly, I have never been much of a shopper) but for the people I saw. The faces, the languages, the accents, the styles – New York City is truly a melting pot.

Black Friday_2

Having spent time in K-town, Greenwich village, Soho and all the way up to 1st Avenue (had to get my Nepali/Tibetan cuisine fix), it’s amazing how international New York City is. To put things into perspective, I met two of my friends from high school in a span of two days. Everyone wants to live the dream here if I have gathered as much from my friends from Bhutan and Madagascar. The prospect is fascinating. The City that Never Sleeps. The Big City. The Melting Pot. And a quick Wikipedia search tells me E.B. White called it ‘The Capital of the World’. With names like that, no wonder so many people are in awe of the city. It’s a place where you can chase your dreams (keep in mind the rent and living expense though), have the trendiest fashion at your footsteps (if I have learned anything from this trip, it’s that you should save some serious cash for Black Friday) and meet so many driven people (who sometimes look like they belong in the runway rather than the street).

Black Friday_3

As for me, I prefer someplace quieter where I can pass on Black Friday shopping for a quiet evening in with a glass of wine and a book in my hand (go ahead, call me old fashioned). The Loop in St Louis for instance would be excellent. Maybe I’ll talk about it on my next blog to save you the trip. Until then, be thankful this holiday season and make the most of what you have (and no, I am not talking about Black Friday deals).


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