Top 3 Secrets to Writing an Awesome Blog Post… Even if You Are Not a Talented Writer

Written by Ujjayini Pal on March 17, 2016

A certain layout of a blog can help you to add more content in a short span of time. Even if you are not a good writer, you can end up writing a great blog post by using a great layout. A structure can really overshadow your minor faults as a writer. Showcasing your individuality can now be fun if you follow the simple tricks discussed below. You will end up writing great blog posts in less time.

Give a good heading

Writing a good heading can now and then require as much exertion as composing your whole post. The heading of a post is the primary thing the visitors see, and this is the first thing that will bring more visitors to your post. It’s a tiny bit like a decent strip tease; it abandons a few things to the creative ability yet unquestionably stands out enough to be noticed.


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Make use of available white space

Keep in mind that every reader out there is an information junkie and they spend time on the internet quite too much to get some useful information. So, just think about it. If you visit a blog page which is flooded with images, big texts and loud colors. The page might contain the required information, but the writing style and the total scenario will repel you from reading it carefully. Too little white space in your page can result in loss of interest of the visitors.


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Include Images or Videos

People are more interested in looking at pictures and videos rather than reading an entire post. All people want is to be entertained and feed their overenthusiastic brains. However, this does not mean you will incorporate unnecessary videos into your post. To make your blog post more interesting you can include some images as they also help to give paragraph gaps.

The main thing of a successful blog is the visitors. So, external links of some other websites that matches with your topic of the blog post is also a useful weapon of writing a killer blog post.


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