The Selfie Apocalypse: Why I Decided to Stop Taking Selfies For A Month

Written by Ayantika Dey on April 10, 2016

A selfie is a self portrait photograph, taken typically on a Smartphone or a camera held in one hand or supported by a selfie stick. This is the actual definition of a selfie but nowadays it has evolved to be much more than just a self portrait. It ranges from being the equivalent to an autograph to documenting the unexpectedly good hair days. In one word, selfies define our lifestyle and the way we are.

Social media and selfies share a prospering relationship! Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, selfies are making their mark everywhere. The selfie fever has affected people from all age groups and backgrounds. Be it a school student taking a selfie the night before his examination or a proud new grandparent taking a selfie with the newborns, the selfie mania has taken the world by storm.

The addiction to get the perfect selfie or even the competition to get more likes and views on the social media is ruining the life for many.  To get the perfect selfie many have even risked their lives and a few got in trouble with the law.

Here are few instances how a mere selfie can ruin your life.

1. Privacy at risk

Posting a selfie for each time you step out of the house or even try on something new is putting your privacy at stake. The innocent act of posting a selfie and letting the world know all about you can often be a considerable red flag.



2.The selfie addict

The addiction to get the selfie right is costing more lives than accounted for. The search for the perfect backdrop is taking youngsters to a great extent which often proves to be life threatening!



3. Relationships gone bad

Competing for likes and reactions on social media with your peers are no less serious an issue than world politics. A like or a comment from your special someone on your rival’s selfie can break the bridges down!



4. All about the looks!

The selfie spree has put too much emphasis on the physical appearance.  The urge to look or feel perfect at all times has taken its toll on many. The concept of “a beautiful soul” is taking a backseat as judging people by their physical appearance become the high priority.



Thus taking a selfie is good and appreciated until it becomes an addiction and takes over us and makes us its self-proclaimed victim!

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