IntZilla showed the way, students got enlightened

Written by Avirup Basu on May 16, 2016


IntZilla was a one day knowledge sharing tech event organized on 16th May, 2016 at the Siliguri Institute of Technology (Techno India group) which targeted the introduction of new technologies to the students. The event had a great response with an astounding presence of over 120 enthusiastic participants throughout the session. Speakers from Mozilla, Intel and Microsoft were present. The session kick started at 10 am and continued till 6 pm. The event also had three in-house speakers.


Topics covered

The following topics were covered during the event.

  1. Mozilla Network security – Subhasis Chatterjee
  2. Mozilla FSA campaign – Anindya Basu
  3. Cloud computing – Abhishek Sur
  4. Introduction to IoT – Dibyo Ghosh Chowdhury
  5. RealSense and Hololens app development – Abhishek Nandy
  6. Voice recognition using Intel Edison – Avirup Basu


A total of six sessions coupled with live demos were presented. The main target was to enlighten the students with these new technologies. The live demos included Microsoft Windows Azure, Intel RealSense, app development of Microsoft HoloLens and ultimately voice recognition using PocketSphinx. A lunch break of 30 minutes was provided after three sessions.

Feedback from the students

The feedback obtained from the students was positive and the most exciting part was that the students demanded more such sessions in the future with live demos and hands on workshops.


Future events

After the first edition of IntZilla, the main focus will definitely shift to the upcoming versions. There are also plans to organize Mozilla hackathons at SIT. Beside hackathons, Intel and Microsoft may join hands to organize hands on workshops at this college.




_MG_8929-1-2Sammakka Saralamma Jatara or Medaram Jatara is a tribal festival of honouring the goddesses celebrated in the state of Telangana, India.The Jatara begins at Medaram in Tadvai Mandal in Warangal district.

It commemorates the fight of a mother and daughter, Sammakka and Saralamma, with the reigning rulers against an unjust law. It is believed that after Kumbha Mela, the Medaram jatara attracts the largest number of devotees in the country. An estimated 10 million people gathered in 2012

It is celebrated in Medaram during the time the goddesses of the tribals is believed to visit them. Medaram is a remote place in the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, a part of Dandakaranya, the largest surviving forest belt in the Deccan.

There are many legends about the miraculous powers of sammakka . According to a tribal story, about 6-7 centuries ago,that is in the 13th century, some tribal leaders who went for a hunting found a new born girl (Sammakka) emitting enormous light playing amidst tigers. She was taken to their habitation . The head of the tribe adopted her and brought up as a chief tain (She later became the saviour of the tribals of the region) she was married to Pagididda Raju a feudatory tribal chief of Kakatiyas(who ruled the country of Andhra from Warangal City between 1000 AD and 1380 AD).She was blessed with 2 daughters and one son namely Sarakka, Nagulamma and Jampanna respectively.

Modern Dating: Five BASIC Differences between Dating In 1990s & 2016

Written by Sritama Gupta on May 28, 2016

We, the people who were born in the late 90s were privileged of experiencing the taste of both the 90s & the 21st century. In this fast growing era we have seen many changes & one of the biggest changes is in the methods of expressing our love for one another & dating techniques. So here is my new blog giving you all a small insane tour on the insane differences in the dating techniques now & then.


Who has forgotten the song “Kabutar ja ja ja……”???? Yes the sign of love; the pigeons were one of the safest (yet a bit slow) way to send your beau, your love for him/her by attaching your letter on the legs of the trained & smart pigeons. And THE anxious wait…..for the reply!!!……. But the service providers like our dear Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel has made the job easier & faster &  has made these poor pigeons jobless in the business of love nowadays. They are fast & you don’t have to wait long for one text from your loved one!


From dating someone of your someone’s someone(like your neighbor’s someone , friends/ relative’s someone) now you can date anyone’s anyone thanks to new technologies. Social media which has brought almost every person round the world close to one another. Well, reliability is still a question!!!




“Shanta…..Mai tumse beintehaa mohabbat karta hu…..maine apne khoon se ye zikkar kia hai”. Oh! This melodrama was like a magic mantra for majority of guys when it came to impress a girl & ask her out for a date; writing a love letter soaked in blood or inking the names of their loved one on their hands & blood oozing out of it!! Just to make his loved one realize the ‘intensity’ of his love!! Ya in today’s generation people will call it “Gross”! Letter writing has become almost obsolete & in this era of e-mails, WhatsApp, Facebook & other social media sites, Who will waste their time in cutting themselves apart for blood & write a letter?? (Yet a point to be noticed is that that there are still some people who has maintained this tradition ).


“Suno nah…tumhara ‘ghar’ ka number mil sakta hai??”….”Nahi papa/mummy utha lenge!!!”…… Yes…this was one problem guys faced back in the 90’s, getting the number of the girl. But thanks to mobile phones, exchanging the numbers on hands, tissue papers and social media sites; it’s a common issue nowadays. You don’t have to fear (well not always, now if its your bad day then…..) much about the problem faced earlier.



5. KISSING!!!!

Back in the 90’s ‘kissing’ was like a “secret ritual” that is not & I repeat “NOT” to be performed in the public. And while dating if you kiss and that too in public; you had a big chance of fights & loosing your girl!! Back then, if a guy kissed a girl, he would react & proclaim himself as a ’MACHO’ & the poor girl would react as if she had lost her virginity. But, ah well nowadays go near a lake side or a bushy side of a park, you can see a lot more than kissing……!!

Well you simply can’t really stop comparing these dating techniques. There are 100s & 1000s of them, but these are some which came into my mind.

Please comment below & enlighten me with those techniques which I have missed out!!! 

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Russia Calling: A World Of Opportunities Waiting For Indian Students

This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity and students simply can’t afford to miss this. The Russian Education Fair just ended in the city of Kolkata and there were some major takeaways from the event. The contemporary world presents many challenges and Russian education handles them perfectly. A total of thirteen Russian Government institutions participated in this fair which was held on 12th May, 2016 at the Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Kolkata. The top Medical and Engineering universities of Russia interacted with the students and they got a clear idea about the higher education scenario of the country.

Why Education Fairs are important?

The approach of marketing has changed quite a lot in the recent past and customers are tired of targeted messages. Exhibitions handle this issue differently as customers attend the event with a much more relaxed mindset. Educational institutions have increased in number and the competition in student enrollment is huge. Education fairs have become extremely important for both students and teachers. Volgograd State Medical University, Tver State Medical University, Northern State Medical University, Moscow Aviation Institute and several other renowned universities participated in this fair and they provided both UG and PG Programmes in medicine, engineering, sports management, aviation, aerospace and other disciplines.



Highlights, Takeaways, and Insights from Russian Education Fair 2016

Higher education is much cheaper in Russia and this is the perfect chance for Indian students to expand their career. The fair provided an overview of educational programmes in Russia and it was jointly organized by RUS EDUCATION & RUSSSIAN CENTRE FOR SCIENCE & CULTURE. Some aspiring students received admission counseling and there was a provision of spot admission as well. Students have been going in Russian for over 54 years and eligible candidates are rewarded with scholarship seats which includes free tuition and accommodation. From arts and science to engineering and medical, over 5000 Indian students are currently studying in the country. The number is increasing each year and in the last four years it has gone up significantly.


Details about the Fee Structure

In Russian Universities, there are no pre-qualifying exams like CET, IELTS, etc., but students must have at least 50% marks in core subjects/ degrees. For SC/ST and OBC students, the minimum percentage is 40%. The academic year which starts from 1st September, 2016 will have two semesters excluding the annual holidays during July and August. For Medical students the average fees is around 9-25 lakhs for a 6 years course. After including the accommodation costs and other expenses, it can go up to 15-30 lakhs. For engineering students it is 1.8 lakhs-8 lakhs.



What are your views on studying abroad? Share it in the Comments Section below.

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Mother’s Day: 5 Reasons Why My Mother Is My Best Friend

Written by Ayantika Dey on May 8, 2016

Mother, maa, amma or mom whatever you might lovingly call her it’s sure to bring a big smile on your face whenever you think about her.It is rightly said that out of all the achievements in the world being a mother is the greatest. The huge responsibility of nurturing and upbringing a child and preparing them to face the world is a greatly intimidating challenge to accept, but mothers do it with exceptional grace and immense expertise.

From being a child’s first playmate, a schoolgirl’s confider to being a teenager’s first true friend; mothers have done it all.  She has made us all realize that others may come and go but she will always be there for us. We can easily give her the “My Best friend” crown, but here are some reasons why:

1. Can Read Through You:

Right from when you were a tiny tot she has seen you grow and have memorized your every action and reaction. She knows you in and out! She can even read your mind. That explains all your needs and wants being fulfilled even before you asking for it.


Source: Virat Kohli Instagram

2. Cheering You All Through:

She values your achievements more than you do. Even if you fail she will be there cheering for you and motivating you to move forward. Even the smallest of achievements mean the world to her. She gets the bragging rights which might often embarrass you but the happiness on her face is undeniable.

3. A Shoulder To Cry On:

When the world is mean and unforgiving, our reflex draws us back to our mothers. She is a life guru and can give an uplifting talk any time of the day (even at 3am!). She will never judge you and loves you for the person you are.


Source : Neerja Movie

4. Thinks You Are The Best Thing In The World:

She is your greatest fan! She laughs at your jokes, cheers for your far from melodious songs and even thinks you look like a star when you know it’s not the case at all!

5. There With You In Your Best And Your Worst:

She will never leave you in your darkest hour. She defends you with all her might. You may commit the darkest crime and she will still take you back and love you the same. She understands you more than you understand yourself. She is always there to pull you from the dark and push you towards the light!


Source: 2 States Movie

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3 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before She Gets Her First Salary

Written by Ayantika Dey on May 5, 2016

It is widely believed and agreed upon by any working professional that “Your Salary is Credited” is more appealing than an “I Love You” text from your loved one! And if it’s the question of receiving the very first salary the anticipation and the excitement raises to a whole new level.Working those long tiring hours can be a real bummer but the very thought of receiving the paycheck is what keeps us going. The golden dreams about all the infinite number of things we will do with the hard earned money makes our lives worthwhile. The rough phase before setting your hands on your beloved paycheck is filled with wishes and dreams.

Here are the three things all girls dream and ponder upon before receiving her very first salary!

1. Shop till You Drop

We girls are excellent planners! We plan and rehearse the exact things we are going to do after getting the money in hand and shopping tops the chart no doubt.  Whoever said money cant buy happiness had no clue where to shop from! Countless stops at store windows, browsing through clothes and accessories on online shopping portals and secretly whispering to the items, “I’m going to get you!” is all we do. The whole idea of buying anything without being answerable to someone else is a thrill in itself. Adding items to the cart without checking the price tag is mostly the reason most girls dream of getting a job and put in all the effort and hard work!



2. With Money comes Responsibilities

When the shopping spree dies down a notch, our sense of responsibility comes into play. Getting a surprise gift for your ever supportive parents becomes the priority. The contribution of parents is immense but we all try and give back a little to bring a smile on their faces. Buying them clothes or treating them to a peaceful vacation are few undeniable ideas that have crossed our minds. Gifting a token of thanks to our benefactors and well-wishers or even to our ever supportive pet is sure to be in the list too.We can never deny that the idea of investment or spending on insurance has never crossed our mind. But why worry now? We have many more paychecks to set out hands on!

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3. Self-Indulgence

After all the excitement dies down and we think clearly with a calm mind; spending money on oneself becomes the only relevant idea.Spending on oneself is a luxury in itself. Treating yourself to a rejuvenating spa, getting an inspirational tattoo (Let’s face it they are both an expensive as well as a long term investment), taking a long vacation alone or treating yourself to a luxurious restaurant can be enriching and motivating; making you ready to take on the next grueling month ahead.



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