Mother’s Day: 5 Reasons Why My Mother Is My Best Friend

Written by Ayantika Dey on May 8, 2016

Mother, maa, amma or mom whatever you might lovingly call her it’s sure to bring a big smile on your face whenever you think about her.It is rightly said that out of all the achievements in the world being a mother is the greatest. The huge responsibility of nurturing and upbringing a child and preparing them to face the world is a greatly intimidating challenge to accept, but mothers do it with exceptional grace and immense expertise.

From being a child’s first playmate, a schoolgirl’s confider to being a teenager’s first true friend; mothers have done it all.  She has made us all realize that others may come and go but she will always be there for us. We can easily give her the “My Best friend” crown, but here are some reasons why:

1. Can Read Through You:

Right from when you were a tiny tot she has seen you grow and have memorized your every action and reaction. She knows you in and out! She can even read your mind. That explains all your needs and wants being fulfilled even before you asking for it.


Source: Virat Kohli Instagram

2. Cheering You All Through:

She values your achievements more than you do. Even if you fail she will be there cheering for you and motivating you to move forward. Even the smallest of achievements mean the world to her. She gets the bragging rights which might often embarrass you but the happiness on her face is undeniable.

3. A Shoulder To Cry On:

When the world is mean and unforgiving, our reflex draws us back to our mothers. She is a life guru and can give an uplifting talk any time of the day (even at 3am!). She will never judge you and loves you for the person you are.


Source : Neerja Movie

4. Thinks You Are The Best Thing In The World:

She is your greatest fan! She laughs at your jokes, cheers for your far from melodious songs and even thinks you look like a star when you know it’s not the case at all!

5. There With You In Your Best And Your Worst:

She will never leave you in your darkest hour. She defends you with all her might. You may commit the darkest crime and she will still take you back and love you the same. She understands you more than you understand yourself. She is always there to pull you from the dark and push you towards the light!


Source: 2 States Movie

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