7 Restaurants In Kolkata I Visit All The Time

Written By Soham Das

If you are a foodie, then you would agree with me that the best thing other than to eat food is to talk about it. According to me, the most pure and dedicated love in this world is the love towards food. Even if you break up with your lover or see an end of a serious relationship you will move forward with your life. But, you can’t move forward without food. Though I am a Bengali, I never discriminate between the various types of food that are found all across the world. My home is in a small town called Haldia in the state of West Bengal, but my father stays in Kolkata for his job. So, Kolkata is probably my second home and whenever I get to visit my dad, I make sure that I get to visit a new restaurant in the city. In Kolkata there are hundreds of restaurants, but I have a list of some which I visit all the time.

1. Arsalan – Located in Park Circus, this is probably the best restaurant to go to if you want to have Biriyani. Well, apart from the mouth watering Biriyani there’s also the incredible Rezala and the juicy and textural chicken reshmi kababs. So since I am a serious lover of Mughlai food, I love the experience of Arsalan. Though the only problem about that restaurant is the long queue outside.

2. Mainland China –This is one of the city’s best family restaurants with mind-boggling Chinese food. Whenever I get a chance to visit this restaurant with my parents, I love to try roasted lamb with rich bean gravy, golden fried prawns, spicy barbecued fish or some pan-fried noodles with chicken. What better place would be there on world to spend the Thanksgiving other than Mainland China with its tantalizing Chinese flavours?



3. Kasan – The Flavours Of India – I had really fallen in love with the food of North India during my trip to Haridwar and Mussourrie. So, I always visit this restaurant situated in Theatre road to have a fine dining experience. They give importance to the different occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas or New Year’s Eve and such others.

4. Seven Seven Seven – A fine multi-cuisine restaurant located in Salt Lake, Sector 3, having an excellent ambience and top quality food has definitely earned a place in this list of mine. Also the service and hospitality is pretty good out there.

5. Kebab-e-Que – Since I love kebabs, it would have been very unfair if I had missed out this one. Till the 15th of December, 2016, there’s a Kebab Theatre that’s going in this restaurant situated in the Astor Hotel located in Camac Street. All types of kebabs are served in this restaurant and I can already smell the aroma of a juicy and tender chicken kebab.

6. 6 Ballygunge Place – In order to taste some authentic and mouth watering Bengali cuisine I would certainly want you to visit this place in Salt Lake. Check out their sumptuous lunch and dinner buffet.


7. Bohemian – Last but not the least, is this restaurant located in old Ballygunge, a restaurant that serves Bengali food in Bohemian style. Personally, I love restaurants that try to infuse some other kind of cuisine into our culture of food and this restaurant has been spot on when it comes to that.

Personally I am planning to visit at least three of the above stated restaurants during this year’s Christmas. Food has always given me a kind of joy that nothing else in this world gives me. Do visit some of these restaurants with your family or alone to savour the taste of some the ambrosial food of Kolkata.


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