The Festive Flavour! What Makes The “Puja Season” So Special For Foodies?

Written by Pathikrit Banerjee

As Goddess Durga defeats the demon “Mahisasur”, the festivities begin in full swing. People from all cultures mingle to treat their taste buds. Bengalis are known for their “food adventures”, they always have a handful of delicious experiences to share. This city of culture loves the Goddesses; the enthusiasm for this festival can’t be described in words. The artisans go through a back-breaking process to breathe life in these idols, the happy faces in the pandals is their biggest reward. The city gets lit up in a beautiful fashion, there are colours everywhere. This is not just a feast for the mind; it is a feast for the soul.

Exploring the True Meaning of Durga Puja

We can’t imagine Durga Puja without the rhythmic beats of the dhak, the themed pandals, the colourful attires and the addas. But the gastronomic delights can’t be ignored; there are lots of good foods. Pandal hoppers move from one pandal to another and eat a variety of items. It fills their heart with joy, this is their main focus. From roadside stalls to fine restaurants, every place is filled with foodies. The diets go on a rest for these four days; spicy food gives a forbidden joy. “Puja is equivalent to junk food, we want nothing else,” said Krishanu Banerjee, a student of the 12th standard. “We rarely eat homemade food in the Pujas, it just doesn’t make sense,” stated Sarbani Mukherjee, a MBA student.



Cultural Revolution – A Big Change is Happening

The typical Puja scenes are gradually changing, people have changed their preferences. The connected generation’s idea about ‘Puja’ is different; they prefer their personal space more. It is an era where people are starting to prefer “Virtual Durga Puja Tours”, the long line in the famous pandals can be a major turn-off. “It is just too tiring, the crowd is maddening, we get exhausted after a few hours,” said Ritam Sen, an Engineering aspirant. The best conversations always take place over good food. Millennials just want to connect with each other and have their favourite dishes; crowded places don’t attract them anymore. In a span of five years, we can witness a new Kolkata, but food is something that will always bring people together.


The “Taste Tales” are countless; from devouring the biriyani with the potato to checking out the special buffets in top restaurants. Which food item do you prefer the most during the pujas? Share your delicious experience and enrich the comments section.


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