Giving Birth to Your Own Blog

BlogIn simple terms a blog is a kind of website which emphasizes largely on written contents called blog posts. Bloggers mainly write from a subjective point of view with a view to connect with the readers in an interactive way through the comment section attached with the blog.

A very common misconception with regards to writing a blog is that one needs to be a talented writer to start a blog. On the contrary one just needs to be extremely passionate about the subject he or she is willing to write the blog on. And as long as you are intensely interested in a subject, your passion for it is sure to reflect through your blog. Moreover you can also earn money as well as public recognition by running a successful blog of your own.

How to Create a Blog through A Few Simple Steps –

  1. Choose an Interesting Subject and a Catchy Blog Name

The first step is to choose an attractive subject for your blog and name it in an interesting manner. The subject could be related to your hobbies such as traveling, cooking, sports, fashion, art and culture and many more. It can also be based on your life experiences and details accounts of it. Once you have selected the subject name it wisely in keeping with the topic. The name should be precise and catchy so as to attract the attention of the readers.

  1. Publish it online

In order to make your blog visible to the worldwide readers you will require a hosting company who will put it up on the web. New bloggers should begin with a basic hosting plan to initiate their blog. Many hosting companies offer different affordable plans for the beginners and one that suits you better.

  1. Customize the Blog

Everyone wants his blog to look unique and attractive and WordPress can help you a lot in your endeavor. It offers you different catching themes which can be used to customize the design and layout of your blog in a creative and attractive way.

  1. Write Your First Post to Publish

Now that the structure of your blog is ready it’s time to start blogging. Invest the best of your creativity and come up with a unique composition of your own to address your readers. You can also add some interesting images related to your post to make it more impressive.

  1. Promote the Blog

Building a well organized blog and creating quality contents for it are not enough to make it successful. You need to promote it effectively to attract readers especially when you are a beginner. Using different social media such as Facebook, Tweeter etc. could be of immense help in this respect. You can also employ different online marketing strategies such as email marketing and many others for this purpose.

  1. Make Money through Your Blog

There are many ways to make money using your blog such as selling the products and services of your own through the blog, getting paid for writing reviews and selling space for advertising.


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