When the Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Creates a Symphony

It was a Google conference and I was invited to attend the same in The Westin, Rajarhat , just one stop before the State of the art Biswa Bangla Convention Centre.

Thanks to Google not just for sharing knowledge with innovators like us. But also paved the way to get into Westin for the first time and tasting their spread of cuisine in the process.

Fine dining was not new and The Westin was no different. There were assorted salads, breads, 4-5 veg preparations, two non veg items. But the ones which actually tickled my taste buds and literally swept away from my feet was their dessert spread.


Taste their Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse. It is simply out of the world. I’ve tasted Chocolate Mousse in at least 10 more places of world class repute. But this one, to me, is really different and unique. A soft press with your jaw on the nuts and the magic begins! The chocolate and the nuts create a symphony within your mouth an you go mad!!


Then I liked their Mixed Berry Cheese Cake. It tastes different. And it is awesomely beautiful. The small pieces melt in your mouth in no time leaving a sweet aroma within.


I kept on avoiding Mong Dal Halwa in previous cases. But here I could not check myself to have a go. And it was delicious. An overture of ‘ghee’ is certainly there to make the taste more dramatic. But then, sometimes, one needs to forget the health hazards to taste an item, what can be termed as “sinfully bliss”.



Reading upto this, if you come to a conclusion that I’ve sweet tooth and hence I’m highlighting their desserts. Then you’re completely mistaken. I’m a pure non veg guy who does not have the least little liking for desserts. But since it was really a “PRODUCT” worth mentioning, and I enjoyed a lot, I had to pinpoint those items.


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