Tulumba: The Macedonian Jalebi


No meal, however good it might be, is incomplete without a delicious dessert after the sumptuous meal. In different parts of the world different desserts are prevalent however one thing is common to all. In almost all parts of the world people prefer completing their meals with a sweet aftertaste.

Speaking of desserts, Tulumba is an extremely popular dessert in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Turkey in particular is famous for putting out one of the most delicious forms of Tulumba that you might taste. In most parts of Turkey it remains a very popular dessert with people consuming this after a heavy meal. Here however we will concern ourselves with the Tulumba of Macedonia.

In terms of taste and texture it is very different from the ones you will find in Turkey. They both however are unique in their own way and it would be unfair to opt for a comparison between the two. The Tulumba was once upon a time exclusive to the Ottoman empire which had Turkey as its center and was ruled by the Caliph. It came to Macedonia from Turkey and during this transition a lot changed about the fine dessert and several new characteristics can be observed in the Macedonian version of the Tulumba.


If you are an Indian and are accustomed with the idea of the famous dessert jalebi then this dessert would be fairly easy for you to comprehend in your mind’s eye. It is very similar to the jalebi and Tulumba is also deep fried in oil. Once the process is complete it is then left to soak in lemon syrup to give it the flavor and texture. The main taste is dependent on the consistency of the syrup and the quality of frying them.

The pieces of Tulumba are usually small. You can easily have one in a mouthful which makes it a very convenient dessert to munch on when you are craving for something sweet after a sumptuous meal. The Balkan region in particular has a lot of popularity for this sweet dish. Although the other parts of Turkey and Macedonia also consume this dessert, the craze is unparalleled for in this particular region.

If you ever have the time and the scope to munch on these delicacies do not miss out on such a fine opportunity. The taste is truly blissful and desserts seldom taste better than a finely prepared Tulumba.


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