Vedic Village Scripts Calcutta Trails: A Cuisine Story

Exclusive Arena Above the Pool to Host Calcutta Trails

Some eat to live! Some live to eat! I, for one, have always considered myself to fall in the latter category. Now I do not proclaim myself to be a Gastronomist but I would go so far to say that if there was a subject called ‘Gastroeconomics’ (forgive my word play!) I would surely ace school. So what could be better for a food lover such as myself and many others like me than having a scrumptious meal in the lap of nature?

Here I introduce you to Vedic Village’s latest gastronomical adventure ‘Calcutta Trails: A Cuisine Story’ during puja, starting from Panchami (Sunday, 10th October) to Dashami (Friday, 15th October).

This holistic and diverse food trail is a part of Sharodiya Pujo Adda Milap 2021, which has it all starting with refreshing mocktails to filling main course. Let’s not forget their wide spread of salad and soups (definitely worth looking out for especially if you are watching your waistline). To finish it all off are some delicate desserts.

It would be a shame not to mention in specificity what such an exhaustive menu holds within it. Starting off with the refreshing mocktails, it constitutes of two variants- Fruit and Nut Lassi and Lemongrass Mojito. The Lassi is quite filling and for those looking for a lighter drink you can give the Lemongrass Mojito a go. The Salad spread is more than just the plan of regular greens comprising Aloo Kabuli Chat, Chicken Tikka Chat (a personal favorite), Egg and Roasted Bellpepper,  Laccha Piaz, Gondhoraj Lebu (lemon) and lanka (chili) to name a few. It also comes with an accompaniment bar bound to give the diner a feel of home with their aloo/ baingan (potato/brinjal) bharta, masoor daal, and jhuri bhaja. The soups consist of a Tomato Basil Shorba and Chicken Currypata Cream. It comes with assorted breads.

Coming to the main course buffet it is divided into 4 catogories. The Tangra Cuisine offers Vegetable Manchurain, Chilli Chicken, and Rice/Noodles. The traditional Bengali spread boasts of vegetarian dishes like Chanar Dalna, Kosha Aloor Dum. The non-veg spread have Chingri kakra paturi, Kosha Mangsho, and Pabdar Jhal not to forget the variety of dals, rice, and roti that accompany it. The Calcutta Street Live with the Vegetable Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Kathi Roll, and Ghoti Gorom is certainly a unique addition. I have to admit I might be biased to the Anglo-Indian spread featuring the Vegetable Tetrazini and Chicken Strognoff.

Ending on a sweet note, diners have a variety to choose from like the Golapi Rosomolai, Fruit Custard, Cream Caramel, and Mishti Doi. It also has an Ice Cream Bar and Live Jalebi making counter. You can finish the hearty meal off with a melodious mishti paan to reminiscence the good food and comfort your full stomach.

At Rs.1699 (all inclusive), this is one trail that no one, especially a foodie, should miss out on.


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