Woodland Brings Techno Jacket to Know Your Winters

If you want to “Know your Winters”, Woodland has the answer for you!!!

This winter they’ve come back with their all new Techno Jacket Collection 2017 in 3 different and vibrant varieties, in the form of “InfraLite, Heat Lock and Storm Breaker. Keeping in mind every outdoor and winter demand, to safeguard ourselves, Woodland, country’s leading outdoor gear brand has geared up to launch this new range of winter wear with utmost care.

Speaking on the occasion on Tuesday, 6th December, 2017, Mr. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland said, “being the leader of the outdoor wear in India, we have always focused on promoting outdoor sports while ensuring safety of the users. Technology has helped us bringing in this range on board. It supports one’s expedition and ensures one’s safety under rough and rugged climatic conditions.”

Pointing out Eastern India as one of the primary and growing markets for Woodland, Mr. Singh added, “last year we had a decent 1200 crore business and the market contributes to almost 15 to 20% growth every year. Out of our total 600 COCO stores across 250 cities in India, covering a total retail space of nearly nine lakh sq ft and over 5000 MBOs. We already have 9 stores in Kolkata and will be adding 3 more by the end of this financial year 2017.” Meanwhile, Woodland is adding up 30 – 40 outlets every year across the country. Thus, the company is planning to reach 2000 crore mark in next 2-3 years.

Mr. Vivek Sabharwal, the Marketing & PR Head, Woodland informed me that InfraLite Jacket is made up with thin loft insulation, which is made up of micro fibers with excellent compatibility and softness. It can combat extreme cold by delivering superior degree of warmth, softness, durability and light weight.

For Heat Lock, the technology has two variations. One is the foil and the other is the fleece. Heat Lock Foil is made up of silver dots coated fabric. They not only regulate the body temperature, but also help retaining the body heat up by 20% and dissipate excess body heat. On the other hand, Heat Lock Fleece is made up of micro fibers which form air chambers. These chambers trap air and prevent loss of body heat. It provides excellent heat insulation.

Storm Breaker jackets are completely windproof, water and cold resistant that provide protection against severe weather conditions. So, to ensure that, these jackets are made up of highly concentrated woven fabric consisting of a versatile insulating layer comprising of a polyester body shell with soft stretchy sleeves and side panels.

To justify their innovative spree in the footwear division, they’ve launched the HeatLock Shoes. They ensure to fight out extreme winter conditions during a mountain expedition. They also have a thermal layer inside just to protect the feet.

Woodland, which operates globally through three different arms for three different regions- Asia Pacific, CIS and GEC countries, is planning to come up with lots of adventure sports accessories very soon. In between, they’ve just launched sports bicycles in the regions like Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali etc. What next? The MD smiles. The sparkling in the eyes probably says it all.



Giving Birth to Your Own Blog

BlogIn simple terms a blog is a kind of website which emphasizes largely on written contents called blog posts. Bloggers mainly write from a subjective point of view with a view to connect with the readers in an interactive way through the comment section attached with the blog.

A very common misconception with regards to writing a blog is that one needs to be a talented writer to start a blog. On the contrary one just needs to be extremely passionate about the subject he or she is willing to write the blog on. And as long as you are intensely interested in a subject, your passion for it is sure to reflect through your blog. Moreover you can also earn money as well as public recognition by running a successful blog of your own.

How to Create a Blog through A Few Simple Steps –

  1. Choose an Interesting Subject and a Catchy Blog Name

The first step is to choose an attractive subject for your blog and name it in an interesting manner. The subject could be related to your hobbies such as traveling, cooking, sports, fashion, art and culture and many more. It can also be based on your life experiences and details accounts of it. Once you have selected the subject name it wisely in keeping with the topic. The name should be precise and catchy so as to attract the attention of the readers.

  1. Publish it online

In order to make your blog visible to the worldwide readers you will require a hosting company who will put it up on the web. New bloggers should begin with a basic hosting plan to initiate their blog. Many hosting companies offer different affordable plans for the beginners and one that suits you better.

  1. Customize the Blog

Everyone wants his blog to look unique and attractive and WordPress can help you a lot in your endeavor. It offers you different catching themes which can be used to customize the design and layout of your blog in a creative and attractive way.

  1. Write Your First Post to Publish

Now that the structure of your blog is ready it’s time to start blogging. Invest the best of your creativity and come up with a unique composition of your own to address your readers. You can also add some interesting images related to your post to make it more impressive.

  1. Promote the Blog

Building a well organized blog and creating quality contents for it are not enough to make it successful. You need to promote it effectively to attract readers especially when you are a beginner. Using different social media such as Facebook, Tweeter etc. could be of immense help in this respect. You can also employ different online marketing strategies such as email marketing and many others for this purpose.

  1. Make Money through Your Blog

There are many ways to make money using your blog such as selling the products and services of your own through the blog, getting paid for writing reviews and selling space for advertising.

Bank of Baroda unveils the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 Winner’s Trophy in Kolkata

The ‘City of Joy’ erupted as the glittering FIFA U17 World Cup Winner’s Trophy was unveiled, courtesy Bank of Baroda amidst huge fanfare in the heart of the city on Wednesday, 30th August, 2017.


The trophy for the winner of FIFA U17 World Cup had been brought to India with a view to provide a precious opportunity to all the football lovers in Kolkata to witness it up close. Bank of Baroda, an International banker in India hosted the event of displaying the prestigious trophy in City Center -1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Notably, this bank is also the first national supporter of the FIFA U 17 World Cup game in the country’s sporting history.


The trophy was on display at the wide portico of the mall for the public to witness and celebrate the invaluable experience. A great number of people including a host of young Mohun Bagan and East Bengal fans thronged the venue as they were reluctant to miss this great opportunity.

Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/100000221556376/videos/1968612219822811/

A large part of the viewers consisted of the students and youngsters who are always highly enthusiastic about the game. The bank had taken adequate initiative to create an ambience of football carnival inside the mall not only by displaying the trophy in a splendid way but also by organizing various exciting activities related to sports and games.

Numerous students from different schools in Kolkata participated in those fun-filled activities and enjoyed to the fullest. The winners of those competitions got exciting prizes and merchandizes sponsored by the bank. Some match tickets for the World Cup games were also among the list of prizes. More than 800 kids became part of this gala event and made it a great success.

Mr. Shailendra Singh, the Deputy General Manager (Marketing and WMS) of Bank of Baroda who graced the event remarked as a proud moment for everyone who got the chance to be present in the exceptional event. He was extremely delighted to host the trophy in Kolkata which is considered as the Mecca of Indian football. He was also overwhelmed by the response received from the public in appraisal of this event organized by Bank of Baroda. He expressed his desire to come up with similar events also in future for the kids as well as the public in general.


I found another gentleman, Mr. Pankaj Puri, Senior Manager, Social Media of Bank of Baroda up and running the entire arena of the event. He was visibly trying to ensure everything moving in style and leaving no stone unturned to make it a successful event. Beaming Pankaj said, “We’re proud to be associated with FIFA and this is just the beginning of a long planned association with country’s sports.”


The cup was preserved inside a translucent cover and kept at the Bank of Baroda kiosk in an elegant way. It was fetched to Kolkata from New Delhi for exhibition purpose and it will be taken to Mumbai and Kochi subsequently. The idea behind creating such an event is to enhance awareness among the mass regarding the great tournament as revealed by the bank itself.

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Call from Russia: Fulfill Your Dreams

With an aim to enthuse more and more Indian students to join medical and engineering courses in Russia at a much cheaper price, the 18th edition of Russian Education Fair has been organized at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata by Russian Centre for Science & Culture (Cultural Department of the Embassy of Russian Federation in India). The event was done in association with Rus Education. Not just in Kolkata, like previous years, the fair was simultaneously run in New Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Chennai.


The Russian Education Fair ended in the ‘city of joy’ couple of weeks’ back and there were some major takeaways from the event.

  1. The fair has provided with an overview of the education programs in Russia.
  2. Opportunities to interact with the faculty members of the different representing Russian Universities.
  3. Admission counseling and on spot admission facilities.
  4. No separate entrance test for the +2 students securing 50% and above in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Bio) and at least 16.5 years of age.
  5. Free air ticket to students going to join the course in Russia.
  6. Free MCI coaching (License to practice in India as an MBBS registered medical practitioner) by Rus Education.

The contemporary world presents many challenges and Russian education handles them perfectly. A total of thirteen Russian Government institutions participated in this fair including Volgograd State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Smolensk State Medical University, Tver State Medical University, Kazan State Medical University, Mari State University, Far Eastern Federal University, Northern State Medical University, Moscow Aviation Institute and several other renowned universities participated in this fair and they provided both UG and PG Programs in medicine, engineering, sports management, aviation, aerospace, Nuclear Power Technology,  Power Plant Management and more.


In Russian Universities, there are no pre-qualifying exams like CET, IELTS, etc., but students must have at least 50% marks in core subjects/ degrees. For SC/ST and OBC students, the minimum percentage is 40%. The academic year which starts from 1st September, 2016 will have two semesters excluding the annual holidays during July and August. For Medical students the average fees is around 9-25 lakhs for a 6 years course. After including the accommodation costs and other expenses, it can go up to 15-30 lakhs. For engineering students it is 1.8 lakhs-8 lakhs.

For the admission process, students can directly contact Rus Education, which is only organization exclusively authorized by Cultural Department of the Embassy of Russian Federation in India. Call on 1-800-83-333-38, SMS <RUS> on 52424 or log on to www.ruseducation.in


This woman entrepreneur’s amazing startup story will help you overcome the toughest of challenges in life


“I am a big believer in taking chances. I always wanted to experience a different region/market especially while doing my MBA.” – Richi Sood, Founder, Richcharms

ow it all began?

I think it is part of our generation’s DNA to explore the world. Being born into an entrepreneurial family made it natural for me to seek this path, but it also made me quite aware of how bumpy the road may be at some points. So it definitely helped me adjust my expectations and realize that I have to be resilient.

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. 

The beginning of something special:

Every multinational company was once a start-up. Every redwood tree was once a sapling and every professional was once a beginner. I am young, curious for knowledge and willing to take the risk of starting a trend than to follow one. I always wanted to meet new people in my life with my own visiting card representing a company’s CEO. Richcharms is a fashion website where we retail Indian Jewellery.

The First Signs:

During my travels, I used to pick up stuff from various places, and my friends would ask where I got them from. That’s when I realized people were willing to buy different types of Jewellery, but didn’t know where to buy them from. That’s how I thought of this.

I Started with Rs 5000 –

Initial investment? There was no such investment I put in but I still boot-strapped my business with my savings of Rs. 5000. After my MBA, I was uncomfortable in my 9-5 bank job. I thought to switch it and looked for better opportunities. I joined my father’s stock broking business, but then I realized I am not made for cubicle job system and the only way for me is to start my own venture and become my own boss. Belonging from a middle class family, and a small town with less resource, it’s a risky deal to startup so early that too being a girl. But to make a mark, we have to start from somewhere.


What clicked for “Richcharms”?

is attracting enough customers even when I don’t have a working website. All I’m selling the products are through a super active Instagram Page and Facebook Page. Instagram page has good following and quick response time as well. This online store only keeps apparels, accessories for the young girls. So, the target market is niche, but demanding at the same time.

Managing competition in an unique way:
Competition in this sector is a big risk, as there are thousands of competitors eyeing your customers and profits too.

 Challenges I face:

  – Doing Business Development becomes tough sometimes as the vendors are not easily available and are not accustomed to this business.

– A start-up needs almost 3 years, to sustain the brand and the entrepreneur herself.

– Lot of female competitors, also its difficult for a lady to handle tricky client sometimes, but things get managed by the confidence.

As a Women entrepreneur, I feel liberated, economically independent and at the same time struggling to tackle family pressure and handling a new business. One year has passed and though I have achieved more than I thought, but it’s a long way to go to create a big dent.

You can follow Richcharms on the web:

Facebook: fb.com/richcharmsstore

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rich.charms/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Richcharms

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Why Physical Intimacy Has An Edge Over Sex?

Written By Sameeksha Aggarwal


Human psychology is one of the most intricate psychologies of the world. Every one of us needs companionship of a good soul at some point of time. Generally, strong physical intimacy includes holding hands together for hours, hugging each or sitting close to each other etc. Stability of emotions is cardinal to live a life of elation. It only comes from physical intimacy with our beloved ones. On the other hand, sex is just a physical involvement of two people for fulfillment of their biological needs.


Why Physical Intimation Is A Broader Concept?               

Physical intimation has a broad spectrum while sex does not have that. Each one of us needs someone with whom we can pour our heart out and be honest with our every single emotion. This person can be anyone in this world but when it comes to sex, it is not the same. Physical intimacy starts from infancy and remains until the last stage of our life. Somehow, it has the power to pull us from the phase of darkness and bring us into the light of enlightenment.

Physical intimacy is the foundation of the sex. Though there are, one night stands but that too occur due to dilemma of emotions. Emotional stability is key component to have a balance life. No one knows that how profound is the effect of hug at time of dejection.  An assurance that everything will be fine is sometimes very important no matter how bad the situation is. Sex is just a moment, while physical intimation is a phase that always stays with us in form of memories.


In a nutshell, physical intimacy is the heart of every relationship and there is nothing, which could replace it. Sex is momentary happiness and is short lived too. Thus, physical intimacy gives us strength at time of need and makes us strong with every hard situation. Emotional fitness comes from knowing someone deeply, honestly, and with continuous exchange of optimistic energies.

Your Thoughts?

Top 5 Mughlai Food Joints From Kolkata You Must Visit

Written By Ujjayini Paul

The historical impact on Kolkata has led to the popularity of Bengali cuisine. India was administered by the British for more than two centuries, and Calcutta was one of the significant check-posts for them. Individuals from various societies and groups rushed in various times, thus building up the affection for food in Bengal. As the Jews conveyed pastry shop to Bengal and sweet making skill was contributed by the Marwaris, so did the ousted groups of Wajid Ali Shah and Tipu Sultan contributed mainly to the aromatic excellence of Mughlai cooking in Bengal, particularly Kolkata.

Below are some of the must visit Mughlai joints of the City of Joy.

Oudh 1590

This eatery, having two distinct branches, specializes in Awadhi cuisine and the ambience is in perfect synchronization with the name. It offers you a feeling as if Khansamas and Awadhi bawarchis are toiling hard to offer you a taste of mouth watering dishes from the royal court of Wajid Ali Shah.




Located at Santosh Roy Road, this is known as the best restaurant to serve Biriyani at present. It is established in 2015 and is very young compared to its experienced competitors. However, within just one year, it has received the highest ratings. The place is best suited for casual dining.


Aaira is best known for its Mughlai as well as North Indian cuisines. The menu here ranges from gosht zafrani shorba to papri chat, from whole bhetki tandoor to murg nuraani kebab and so on. The dishes are all prepared traditionally by the top culinary experts. This eatery is both a celebration and an experience.

Shiraz golden Restaurant

This is one of the oldest restaurants in the city to offer great Mughlai dishes. Shiraz golden Restaurant now has near about six outlets and is the hot favorite of majority of the Kolkatans. The oldest of the branches is at Park Street and this is the branch you must visit.



Royal Indian Hotel

If you are planning to enjoy some delicious Mughlai dish in a legendary restaurant of Kolkata, the royal Indian Hotel is the perfect name. It has been wining hearts, since 1905 and is known to have mesmerized Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. It is successfully holding its glory and charm even today.

The irresistible kebabs and smoked fishes are the specialties of Mughlai dishes. Next time you plan for an outing with family or friends, consider visiting one of these places, to taste the best Mughlai dish ever.


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