Course Detail

We cover 10 modules

1. Introduction to content writing
2. Developing of value added content by analyzing and collating information
3. Ability to impart the crux of a message in a minimal amount of words
4. How to write keyword rich content.
5. Editing: Spelling / grammar / editing / creative writing
6. Understanding of several websites in order to collect the required material
7. Content for Vertical portal.
8. How to make database / information pages / categorization
9. Ability to distill complex info into captive network format.
10. Generating of new original ideas for value added content.

 Course Highlights


The orientation focuses on gearing you up for the course.

Module I: Before You Write

This module will introduce you to the world of writing. It starts with the introduction to writing itself followed by explanation of the different career opportunities. Then you will learn the planning process in writing and the set of guidelines to remember. Later you will focus on knowing about reader centric writing. Finally you will learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Module I Curriculum

• Introduction to Writing – Different types of information
• Planning Your Writing
• Guidelines to Write
• What is a reader centric document?
• MS Word
• Plagiarism

Module II: Write Right

This module focuses on explaining in detail the complete process of writing. You will learn the skills of inventory collection, comprehension, critical reading, prewriting, writing effective paragraphs, paraphrasing and also communications with experts. At the end of this module you will be able to develop content which is clear and easy to understand.

Module II Curriculum

• Inventory Collection and searching skills
• Comprehension and Critical Reading
• Prewriting
• Effective writing and Paraphrasing
• Communication with Subject Matter Expert
• Communication with Graphic Artist
Module III: Quality Check
This module will help you gain the important skills of proofreading and self editing. At the end of the module you will able to clear most of the errors that would have occurred in your write ups.
Module III Curriculum

• Proof Reading and Self Editing
Bonus Module: Go Freelance – Tips for High Profile Freelance Writing Careers

This module will provide you with the skills to write effective articles for the web. Along with this, the module will provide an immensely useful resource to get freelance opportunities online.

Bonus Module Curriculum

• 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid for Higher Writing Profits
• Critical Steps for Writing for Web
• Freelance for the Web – A Guide to Freelancing Opportunities


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