17 Varieties Of Puchkas! This Puchkawala in Kolkata has already created History

Written By Indus Content Team

I have had the opportunity of eating three to four kinds of phuchka till this date. How many types of phuchkas have you had? Well, let me ask you more specific question. Have you in your lifetime eaten seventeen types of phuchkas? Forget about eating, have you ever even or heard about seventeen types of phuchkas? Don’t think I am joking over here. I am dead serious.

Pravesh a 20 year old lad, who is quite popular for his incredible phuchkas near the Alipore State Bank area, is efficient and also skilled in making seventeen different types of phuchkas. Therefore Pravesh Pani Puri presents to you –



  • Ghugni Phuchka– Phuchka stuffed with ghugni ( matar dal)
  • Alu Dum Phuchka– Phuchka stuffed with alu dam( potato curry)
  • Pakori Phuchka The outer crust of the phuchka is a bit different as its fried
  • Batata Phuchka– yet another variety of phuchka with different flavours altogether
  • Chocolate Phuchka– The phuchka with a chocolate flavour. Seems divine.
  • Dhokla Phuchka– A bit of Guajarati touch to your phuchka just brings the necessary amount of uniqueness.
  • Schewan Phuchka– I think everyone is quite familiar with this flavour but, I am sure that none of you have ever tried it on with phuchkas.
  • Bullet Phuchka– You will be experiencing the passing of a bullet through your head after eating this phuchka but, don’t be afraid. You won’t die.
  • Dahi Papri Phuchka—the phuchka will be having the stuffing of a mixture of papri and curd inside it.
  • Chana Masala Phuchka– This time the stuffing is of chana masala.
  • Chur mur Phuchka– You must have had chur mur, as it’s a common street food anywhere in Bengal. Just imagine what it would taste with phuchka. Yummy, right?
  • Shukha Special Phuchka– This is a type of Phuchka without the tamarind water but with certain extra spices and special stuffing.
  • 4 Types of Water Mix Phuchka– Phuchka served with four different types of water mix.
  • Tomato Phuchka– Stuffing made out of phuchka.
  • Ghugni Dahi Phuchka– The stuffing is a mixture of ghugni and curd.
  • Rocket Phuchka– If I give out all the information all your curiosity will be lost. So, just go and try this one out.



Pravesh might just be twenty years old but, he has had some serious amount of success in this short period of time as a phuchkawala. He had been to Australia for serving his phuchkas at different weddings as a part of the catering squad. Apart from Australia, he has been to Bangkok and several other parts of India. He is into this family business from the year 2007 and he is proud of his creations as a phuchkawala. He will provide you with a napkin after his service and will ask for your feedback. He will also give you a visiting card. He also sells his phuchkas outside Laksmipat Singhania High School and he rewards the topper of that school with free phuchkas for one year.

Hats off to such a person who is trying to make others happy in his own exotic way.

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Top 5 Reasons Foodies should Get The “Indus Food Membership”

The search for good food should never end. It starts from an unknown ally and goes into a top restaurant. Foods, memories and unforgettable experiences, we explore Taste Tales. Indus perceived the “food” industry in an extremely innovative way. It’s not just about blogging; it is about sharing the “yummy” memories and creating an ecosystem of connected foodies. Read recipes and explore unknown areas along the foodie avenue. Experience the hottest reviews and cook it for yourself. Hungry for more? Keep up with the restaurant scene in India and learn various lesser-known facts.  A membership that will be a foodie’s superpower. Let’s go inside the world of “Indus Food”.

Few Words On Indus

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Okay, I am interested about the membership? What am I getting?

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4 Texts You Should Never Send Your Ex (Bengali Version)

Written by Pathikrit Banerjee

Texting is cool in many ways. It perfectly hides our feelings and puts us on a comfortable ground. We can express some feelings through texting, which we can’t express in person. Late night texting brings out our softer side. We are often weak and vulnerable. As the night progresses, all types of crazy thoughts come to our mind. The first thing that comes in this list is texting our ex. No! Hell No! Don’t even think of doing this. Well as they say, don’t look back; you are not going in this direction. The past is behind us for a reason, we should never concentrate on what could have been.

But, I want to send this message so bad.

Well, have you heard of an option on your phone known as “Delete”? Yeah, that. Use That. Texting can lift the covers of some unfinished business and things may not go along so well. One careless text can bring the apocalypse and you will not want that in a lifetime. Focus on the good things. Text your friend, crack a joke. If you are still not satisfied, try sending some inspirational quote in your family’s WhatsApp group. Life moves on, so should you. Forgive and forget, let karma do its work. So what are the texts you should avoid? Once go through this list, it might actually save you.

1. Kemon achis? (How are you?) – This is lame and simply pathetic. You should have no desire to know about your ex’s present condition. If you are so concerned about that person? Why did you live them on the first place? And, if you were on the receiving end of the betrayal, you should never ever text that person again. Think about your self-respect. Move on, man! “Kemon Achis” can initiate all kinds of answers and trust me; you are not prepared for that.

2. Ami Ajo Tokei Valobasi! (I still love you) – Oh Boy! It gets lamer and lamer. Relationships don’t come with a warranty card. Things can end anywhere, anyhow. Love is a divine emotion, if it doesn’t work out, let it be. Relationships can’t work forcefully, when the spark dies, everything dies. Remember, you can’t keep anyone in your life, who doesn’t want to stay. Let everything go, see what stays. Still love that person? Keep it in yourself. Don’t ever go to the same thing that broke you.



3. Kar Sathe Achis Ekhon? (Who are you with now?) – Seriously? Why do you have so many questions? Focus on who you are with. This question is so dangerous, that it can easily start a fight. The other person is not supposed to answer this question and it is none of your business. For the last time, stop thinking about it.

4. Amar Kache Please Fire Ae (Please, Come back to me) – Saving the dessert for the last. This is it folks, this is it. Nothing can be more pathetic than this. Sure, you would love to have that ‘special’ person back in your life. But, why make a weak request? Accept the changes in your life and thank god for the new beginning. Everything happens for a reason.



Well, this is the end of this segment of –“Awkward Texts”. We will surely come back with more compilations later. Relationships are hard, it is very hard to think practically, when emotions overpower us. But always keep your head high and face life boldly. You were born to do amazing things.

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Kolkata Unplugged: The Amazing Streets Of India Festival Featured Street Food, Arts & Much More

Written By Indus Content Team

The Streets of India festival which was a three day festival, started on the 11th of November and ended on the 13th of November. It was really amazing to witness the various food cultures of the different parts of India getting merged into the limit of a single street. People who had cared to visit the festival in Kolkata certainly must have been spellbound just by seeing the variety of food and art crafts that was exhibited there. It was as if the entire Indian culture brought to one single place.

The festival showcased both fashion and street food. It was simply the Elysium for all the foodies as there an eye popping 170 varieties of rasgullas and an astonishing 34 number of flavours of ice creams waiting to be licked. The rasgullas, which has always been the crowning jewel among the sweets or the deserts of West Bengal, was served in flavours such as pundiya and dhaniya along with delicious mixed fruit and pasta badam. The rasgulallas had been given some natural colouring providing the customers with an array of colourful rasgullas. However, the stall keepers claimed that there were no preservatives in the rasgullas. Some experiments were also done with the other sweets as a touch of bitterness and spiciness was also given to them and the experiments were successful with flying colours.

(Source: Facebook/@Streetsof India2016)

Now, let’s get into our favourite desert item and that is ice-cream. The sensational fusion ice creams included the natural subtle coconut flavour, caramel crunch, rose, south Indian coffee and kesar rabri malai to get into the groove of street food. Though the festival had a bit of setback owing to the ban of the 500 and 1000 rupees notes, but still the seven paan flavoured ice creams were able to lighten up the mood of the organisers as well as the hundreds of people visiting the festival.



There were 45 food stalls, both street food cafeterias as well as diners like Aminia and Hotel Sonnet, at the festival serving top restaurant quality food. There were 130 handicraft stalls and the West Bengal Tourism Department must be praised for its efforts in making this festival so appealing and such a grand success. Celebrated Chef Rongon Neogi had also set up a stall in the street food section of the festival exhibiting techniques to make quick refreshments. Art and handicrafts were also not far behind as the famous artisan Ashis Biswas of the North 24 Parganas came with a handful of terracotta products and a variety of handicrafts from Orissa and Bankura. Patiala shoes were also brought by Surendra Singh 300 pairs of ethnic, hand-made footwear Patiala gharana

So over all the festival had been a massive success and the organizers must be congratulated for such a grand success. It was a blast.

10 Scary Signs That Can Confirm Your Secret Relationship With Biryani

Written By Indus Content Team

Biryani, a classic Mughul dish, had won all the hearts of the Indians a long time back with its mind-boggling taste and aroma.  Now, Biryani is not limited to only one kind, there’s the classic Hyderabadi Biryani, the spicy Lucknowi Biryani, the Biryani of Kolkata which has got a sweet aroma or even the not so popular Sindhi Biryani. Well, there are many people among us who are madly in love with Biryani. If you have got the following signs you are in a seriously committed relationship with Biryani.

1. When you are invited to someone’s house for a dinner party or some other gala party and the only food that you are expecting is Biryani. And then your heart just breaks when you see polao or some mixed fried rice which is perhaps followed by some curses to the host underneath your breath for not cooking Biryani.

2. Whenever there’s an aroma of food, while there’s some cooking going on, the first thing that pops into your mind is a big bowl of Biryani. Whenever you want to analyze some nice odor that’s tingling your nose, the first thing that you want that dish to be is Biryani.

3. When you no longer care about the ambience in which you are eating your Biryani. The restaurant might be old and uninviting, but you are just happy and grateful to have a luscious plate of Biryani in front of you.

4. Whenever you go to some restaurant with your friends or family and the only food you want to have is Biryani. Without even considering the presence of your friends or family you order Biryani and also expect your friends or family members to do the same.



5. When you try to persuade not only your friends, but also your parents to fall in love with Biryani just like you have fallen. So that they too eat the same with you whenever you want to.

6. When you become very possessive of your plate of Biryani. You no longer even care about your little brother or sister, who expects you to share your plate of food with them.

7. When no matter what amount of pocket money you get or you are left with, you make it a point to have a nice, big plate of Biryani each and every weekend. Might as well possibly do it, so that your parents remain unaware of this fact.


8. When you dream that you are in a room full of the various kinds of Biryani that one can imagine having. Even better if you are in a room full of Biryani, the soft, juicy chicken, the sweet aroma of the spices, you see a swimming pool of Biryani and you are ready to plunge into it without a moment of hesitation.

9. Whenever you are sad or had a rough day, the only thing that puts a smile on your face is a Biryani plate.

10. Last but not the least, even though some might think that it’s too much I must tell them that you all don’t know what it’s like to be in love with food. It’s when you taste each and every grain of the Biryani and tearing the moist and tender chicken or mutton piece, you want that plate of Biryani to become a person so that you can marry him/her.

So, be careful, if you think that you are in a seriously committed relationship with Biryani, try to get out of it before you become obsessive about it.

Want Food Delivered Directly To Your Home? Try The Amazing App Swiggy

Written By Indus Content team

Is there any person in this world who doesn’t like to eat delicious and succulent food? When it comes to food we all forget our differences and sit together to have an appetizing meal. In today’s world when everyone is so busy and tired from the drudgery of daily life. Something amazing was needed and luckily one company delivered just that. They brought together exceptional food and exceptional service. Food is delivered quickly and in top condition.

Why Swiggy?

It’s not always possible for a person to visit a restaurant all the time. Instead of going there, one may find it more convenient to have restaurant quality dinner at home. So why not get Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and other types of food delivered to your home, while you are sitting comfortably on your couch and watching TV. After a hectic day, Swiggy is all you need to relax and treat your taste buds. The app makes your smartphone a virtual menu card.


Okay? How to Get Swiggy on my Phone?

It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store. You can order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant which is present in your city. It doesn’t matter what is the price of the food that you are ordering and it also doesn’t matter what amount of food you are ordering. You can order a sumptuous meal for six people to a single meal just for you.
What makes Swiggy so amazing?

Swiggy has got its own list of restaurants and you can select any one of them and order something. If you find a restaurant about which you haven’t heard before or if there is a new restaurant that has opened in your city, Swiggy will give you its review or necessary characteristic features. On the basis of that you can order something from that particular restaurant.


The Special features

You can compare between the menus or the various kinds of cuisines that are offered in top restaurants. Swiggy shows you the list of restaurants according to their popularity among the people of the city. Another cool feature of this app is that you always have an eye on your food which you have ordered because it’s tracked. The delivery is lightning fast, you can pay them via card or by cash. Swiggy gives various kinds of offers and discount coupons too. Swiggy is an incredible app which every foodie must have on their smartphones. But be careful it is very addictive!

Did you use Swiggy? Tell us about your experience!

10 Street Foods From Kolkata That Will Absolutely Make You Feel Hungry

Written By Soham Das

I personally wouldn’t mind at all, if anyone calls Kolkata to be the city of food instead of the city of joy. One can find an assemblage of street food shops almost across all the main streets of Kolkata. Now the street foods that are found across the avenues of Kolkata are not only limited to the Indian cuisine but also includes the various types of street food that are found all across the world. Here are the 10 street food items of Kolkata that makes me dizzy and makes me want their human form to marry, of course if they have one.

1. Phuchka – For the ones who haven’t tried it yet, you better do it as soon as possible. Phuchka is also known by the name of “Golgappa”, a crunchy layer filled with smashed potatoes, spices and tamarind water. It offers a foodie everything to cheer about, there’s the crunch, the sourness and sweetness and also the incredible spices.

2. Dahi Phuchka – Anyone loving phuchka, would also love it. Everything is the same, just like a phuchka but instead of the tamarind water, curd or “dahi” is added to it giving it a creamy and crunchy combination.

3. Jhal Muri – A mixture of puffed rice working as the basic ingredient, ‘chanachur’ giving the necessary flavour, tomatoes to provide acidity and onions and coconut for dressing. Apart from these there are several other ingredients which make it one of the most common street foods of Kolkata. Jhal Muri stalls can be spotted in almost every nuke and corner of the city.

4. Shingara( Samosa) – Flour being its base, it’s a deep fried snack with a filling of various kinds of vegetables. Served mainly with sauce or chutney one has to hop from shop to shop to get that samosa that is ideal for their taste.


5. Rolls – It seems as if Kolkata is the motherland of rolls. Egg roll, chicken roll, mutton roll, paneer roll, vegetable roll, tikia roll- it’s a never ending list. Again the basic ingredient being the flour which is turned into dough and fried. It is then filled with certain vegetables and chicken/egg/paneer and a lot of other delicious stuff.

6. Ghugni – Kolkata’s ghugni is in its own league. A popular street food containing ‘matar-dal’, tastes best when served with onions, lemon juice and some chillies. Its best found in Gariahat.

7. Bhel Puri – A crunchy textural mixture of puffed rice, chanachur, bhujia, some salad and the tantalizing tamarind water to bring the desired amount of acidity. Its best when tasted in the foods stalls near Victoria Memorial.

8. Papdi Chaat the base of its serving is ‘papdi’ which is made of flour and is also circular in shape and crunchy in taste. The mixture of bhujia, matter, smashed potatoes and salad is placed on the top of this crunchy base. It’s found all round Kolkata, but probably best near Gariahat and New Market.


9. Kachori the favourite for the office goers and definitely my favourite too. A mouth-watering food to have for your breakfast if you are in a hurry. The puri is served with matter dal and can be found not only in street food stalls but also in sweet shops.

10. Lassi and Sugarcane juice( Akher rosh) – I can drink lassi any time of the year, doesn’t necessarily be have to be the summer months. Sugarcane juice can also be served as the alternative. Both are equally good.

Exploring street food is not only about enjoying with your friends or family. It’s also about getting an opportunity to get to know your own culture. Thus ends my street food journey and I hope that I have covered everything. Did I miss something out? Do let me know.