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final logo of AAAdviceadda is a unique online portal which offers remedies to various problems faced by different people specially youths and teenagers. It boasts of an enriched panel of experts from varied fields such as health, relation management, career development, law, fashion, media and more. These experts provide effective answers to the question asked by the youngsters as they encounter different problems and challenges in their budding life.

Puberty – The Most Important Transition Phase in Life

As a matter of fact teenagers go through a period of transition as they enter puberty. And this is no doubt one of the most difficult times in one’s life characterized by several health and mental issues. Numerous questions related to physical and mental aspects are raised in their mind during this time. But it becomes a bit awkward for them to approach the parents with these questions. So they look for someone else who can provide proper solutions to their unanswered questions and problems.

An Alarming and Undesirable Truth

A vital study conducted by an eminent organization reveals that an alarming number of people commit suicide in their adolescence due to a number of reasons related to tremendous pressure in education, deception in love, sexual exploitation etc. These issues often create tremendous mental strain on them and in many cases they fail to cope with such stress. As a result they choose to quit and take the extreme step without giving it a second thought.

Advice Adda – an Effective Way Out

Many of these sprouting lives are possible to be saved if proper assistance and support can be offered to them at the time when they need it badly. If these youths get somebody to give vent to their emotional issues much of their problems could be resolved if not all. And this is what Advice Adda mainly aims at. Here they can candidly ask any question wondering in their mind to the Advice Adda experts who will be more than happy to answer them. The panel of experts from different relevant fields offers reliable solutions to the said problems and thus helps them to handle numerous critical situations they go through.

A Reliable Friend Philosopher and Guide

Advice Adda is such a useful medium the youngsters can easily resort to without any hesitation or bashfulness. It serves as a friend cum philosopher whom they can completely rely on to share their problems which they cannot confide in anybody else. Actually they are afraid to share such problems with others assuming that people would laugh and mock at their issues which often happen in reality.

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Solution to Every Teenage Issue

It is true that teenage is a crucial time in a person’s life and it is fraught with a number of issues and problems. On the one hand there is enormous pressure in the academic arena and there are also physical and sexual issues on the other. All these things make their life a mess in the true sense of the term.

Advice Adda believes that there is solution to each and every problem in this world; all one requires is the right knowledge and approach. And they want to instill this belief in the mind of the youths and teenagers who often fall victim to different adverse situations in life. They not only believe in such doctrine but also offer effective survival strategies to those problems as well. That is why countless growing individuals seek help from the experts of Advice Adda and are rescued from various perilous and hostile situations in life.

Total Assurance of Confidentiality

Many youths hesitate to reveal their clandestine problems online as they are concerned about their confidentiality. It is true that such concerns cannot be brushed aside altogether in the present time when such cases of online scams are taking place day in and day out. But Advice Adda assures its users against such undesirable issues of any kind whatsoever. They always keep your problems confidential and never disclose your identity to anyone else as they have got utmost respect for your privacy.

Impressive Refund Policy

Finally Advice Adda offers 100% money back guarantee in case of any fault from their side. Although such complaints scarcely arise but whenever they happen by chance, Advice Adda refunds the amount taken from the user without any delay. The issues such as delay in offering service and erroneous or double deduction from the users’ debit/credit card are readily apologized and justly compensated if it is a genuine mistake from Advice Adda. However the user must communicate with Advice Adda’s support team with the order number and the transaction details by 7 days to claim the reimbursement. They will also have to mention the reason for which they are claiming the refund. If the claim is found to be valid the refund is rendered without any further argument.

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