Munnar-A Heaven for Nature Lovers

Beauty in the eye of a Beholder. Check out the beauty of nature through the eyes of a young blogger Rohitendra Chatterjee.

Beauty manifests itself in the form of Nature and there is no other place better to seek it than at home. Munnar, a small hill station in Kerala with its little town bustling with life and emanating energy, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Munnar is located in the Idukki district of Kerala and is easily accessible from Cochin (cabs are available for Rs.2000 from the airport).


The route to Munnar is very scenic with pine and fir trees lining the road and the climate there is just perfect. If you are willing to splurge a bit, I would really recommend staying at Lake View Club Mahindra ,which is about 21 km from the Munnar town ,for the accommodation is excellent (check out the breakfast buffet spread, it’s enormous)and the views serve as the icing on the cake. Munnar’s striking visual beauty is due to the fact that its location is wonderful, situated in


Mother Nature’s lap amongst the Nilgiris and surrounded by tea gardens. (Do not forget to buy some tea. They are available at the spice garden and if you are a perfectionist, ask the cabs there to take you to the Spice Garden. There is also a wonderful tour of the spice garden).The fog covered peaks and the serenity of the place is just enough to make one feel calm.


One should definitely add these must -do activities on their to-do list while at Munnar –

  • Go on the Kolukkamalai Jeep Safari- Bumpy roads, scenic views and a visit to the highest tea factory traversing through the mist and gentle rain is worth it. Adventure buffs will surely like this trip. Watch the sunrise from Anamudi Peak
  • Anayirankal Boating-Hire a speedboat and splash your way through this scenic lake and feel the adrenaline rushing through you.
  • Atukkal Waterfall-A small yet beautiful waterfall. Worth checking out.
  • Spice Garden Tour-This includes a tour of a private plantation and navigating our way through the thick undergrowth is an adventure in itself. The huge Sandalwood Tree is the biggest draw of the tour and do not forget to buy some coffee, tea and cocoa from the shop.

It is really difficult to summarize the exquisite beauty of Munnar through a single post. One has to visit Munnar oneself to experience Mother Nature’s beauty and majesty.

ConnectIndia Launches International Blogging Community, IndUs

Indus New Logo

Keeping in tandem with the innovation spree of “Brand Bengal”, ConnectIndia launches, for the first time ever, an international blogging community, “IndUs”, primarily targeting youngsters, making it a very unique project by a single company in the entire nation.

Blogging will primarily be focused on three domains – Cross-cultural Travel, The Life of a Student, and The Life of an Employee (work place/ work life). For this, ten bloggers from each country will be selected keenly. These ten bloggers will simultaneously blog on the various domains and share their views and experiences. No migrating blogger will be entertained.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder and CEO of ConnectIndia, Subhasis Chatterjee, a web Journalist & a content analyst with an experience legacy of more than 23 years expressed his views saying, “it is a gift and innovation towards the entire blogging community in Bengal and India. It’s a dream project for us and we want to make it big ensuring global footprints. Not only will this give vent international exposure and cultural exchange to the bloggers, but also strengthen public relations between nations.”

Sayantan Mitra, a former student of the Calcutta Boys’ School and presently an Economics Undergraduate at The College of Wooster, Ohio, is the Chief Coordinator of the project in the US. He is excited. “The very first day when I came to know about this initiative in Kolkata, I was enthused. On returning to my college in Ohio, I did my own research and noticed how brilliant the idea was. To taste the water, I talked to some sponsors and the response was overwhelming. In my view, bloggers are not just writers. They’re gifted thinkers. They share their thoughts with the world and that is what spreads like wildfire. Therefore, I feel that personal touch is very important. If we can make this happen, then we’re looking at the next big thing the world should watch out for,” he sounds positive about the prospect.

The program kicks off with two countries, India and the United States of America, and promises to add on many more along the way. Through this initiative, ConnectIndia promises to groom and nurture budding bloggers on board and simultaneously will set up the platform for the next generation to take up blogging and content writing as career options.

  By Ritwik Chatterjee