Why This Blogging Workshop Came out Handy For Me?

 Written by Deesha Bhatia



One fine afternoon, I was browsing through my Facebook page, when I came across a post which had an attractive content named ‘Blogging Workshop’ and I stopped. For a second it hit me that since I started my blog 2 months ago , why not learn more about it. So there I gave my email id and then in a while I received a mail by Mr Subhasis Chatterjee, the one who posted on Facebook about it.

The mail contained all the topics and key points to be covered in the workshop . While reading it, I was getting all excited and curious and in my mind I was like “yes I want to learn this, I want to know what’s more in there” and so on . So I enrolled my name and got all the details on venue and time.

It was asked to reach the destination by 4.45 pm, but since I’m a very enthusiastic person, I planned to reach there by 4.15 pm. Turned out, I reached there by 5 pm since it was difficult to locate the place. And when I reached , I saw other people also faced the same problem as this area was new to them.


Then by 5.30 the session started and it was hosted by Mr Subhasis Chatterjee himself, who’s the founder and CEO of an IT company called ‘ConnectIndia’. He started by introducing himself first and then telling us about different nuances of blogging, which was very handy for a newcomer like me.

It was planned that this workshop would be divided into two sessions. First session was all about how to find an inspiration for the words and ideas and choosing your blogging niche. There I realized that blogging as a career is passionate yet serious option. When I started my blog , I had just two things in my mind, that is, to show people how creative I’m in my designing field as an interior and to source work opportunities out of it.

But there was more to it when 2nd part of the session started. It was presented by Mr Sumanta Dutta, who is also a blogging expert. He guided us on where to blog, how to gain traffic, how to promote your blog and most importantly how to earn money out of it without any investment. In-short, he taught us how to make a career out of it. After attending this workshop, I learnt so many strategies, outlines and tips that can help me.


I would like to appreciate Mr Subhasis Chatterjee for coming up with this workshop and boosting my career out of this . As my blog is new, I will be implementing all these tips and make my blog more useful and creative on the other hand.

Author Bio: Deesha Bhatia, born and brought up in Kolkata, is a Freelance Interior Designer | Interior Stylist | Blogger & 3D Visualizer. She started her own interior designing start up venture under the name ‘A Green Door ‘ where she aims to showcase her creativity on interiors.

ConnectIndia Launches International Blogging Community, IndUs

Indus New Logo

Keeping in tandem with the innovation spree of “Brand Bengal”, ConnectIndia launches, for the first time ever, an international blogging community, “IndUs”, primarily targeting youngsters, making it a very unique project by a single company in the entire nation.

Blogging will primarily be focused on three domains – Cross-cultural Travel, The Life of a Student, and The Life of an Employee (work place/ work life). For this, ten bloggers from each country will be selected keenly. These ten bloggers will simultaneously blog on the various domains and share their views and experiences. No migrating blogger will be entertained.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder and CEO of ConnectIndia, Subhasis Chatterjee, a web Journalist & a content analyst with an experience legacy of more than 23 years expressed his views saying, “it is a gift and innovation towards the entire blogging community in Bengal and India. It’s a dream project for us and we want to make it big ensuring global footprints. Not only will this give vent international exposure and cultural exchange to the bloggers, but also strengthen public relations between nations.”

Sayantan Mitra, a former student of the Calcutta Boys’ School and presently an Economics Undergraduate at The College of Wooster, Ohio, is the Chief Coordinator of the project in the US. He is excited. “The very first day when I came to know about this initiative in Kolkata, I was enthused. On returning to my college in Ohio, I did my own research and noticed how brilliant the idea was. To taste the water, I talked to some sponsors and the response was overwhelming. In my view, bloggers are not just writers. They’re gifted thinkers. They share their thoughts with the world and that is what spreads like wildfire. Therefore, I feel that personal touch is very important. If we can make this happen, then we’re looking at the next big thing the world should watch out for,” he sounds positive about the prospect.

The program kicks off with two countries, India and the United States of America, and promises to add on many more along the way. Through this initiative, ConnectIndia promises to groom and nurture budding bloggers on board and simultaneously will set up the platform for the next generation to take up blogging and content writing as career options.

  By Ritwik Chatterjee