This woman entrepreneur’s amazing startup story will help you overcome the toughest of challenges in life


“I am a big believer in taking chances. I always wanted to experience a different region/market especially while doing my MBA.” – Richi Sood, Founder, Richcharms

ow it all began?

I think it is part of our generation’s DNA to explore the world. Being born into an entrepreneurial family made it natural for me to seek this path, but it also made me quite aware of how bumpy the road may be at some points. So it definitely helped me adjust my expectations and realize that I have to be resilient.

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. 

The beginning of something special:

Every multinational company was once a start-up. Every redwood tree was once a sapling and every professional was once a beginner. I am young, curious for knowledge and willing to take the risk of starting a trend than to follow one. I always wanted to meet new people in my life with my own visiting card representing a company’s CEO. Richcharms is a fashion website where we retail Indian Jewellery.

The First Signs:

During my travels, I used to pick up stuff from various places, and my friends would ask where I got them from. That’s when I realized people were willing to buy different types of Jewellery, but didn’t know where to buy them from. That’s how I thought of this.

I Started with Rs 5000 –

Initial investment? There was no such investment I put in but I still boot-strapped my business with my savings of Rs. 5000. After my MBA, I was uncomfortable in my 9-5 bank job. I thought to switch it and looked for better opportunities. I joined my father’s stock broking business, but then I realized I am not made for cubicle job system and the only way for me is to start my own venture and become my own boss. Belonging from a middle class family, and a small town with less resource, it’s a risky deal to startup so early that too being a girl. But to make a mark, we have to start from somewhere.


What clicked for “Richcharms”?

is attracting enough customers even when I don’t have a working website. All I’m selling the products are through a super active Instagram Page and Facebook Page. Instagram page has good following and quick response time as well. This online store only keeps apparels, accessories for the young girls. So, the target market is niche, but demanding at the same time.

Managing competition in an unique way:
Competition in this sector is a big risk, as there are thousands of competitors eyeing your customers and profits too.

 Challenges I face:

  – Doing Business Development becomes tough sometimes as the vendors are not easily available and are not accustomed to this business.

– A start-up needs almost 3 years, to sustain the brand and the entrepreneur herself.

– Lot of female competitors, also its difficult for a lady to handle tricky client sometimes, but things get managed by the confidence.

As a Women entrepreneur, I feel liberated, economically independent and at the same time struggling to tackle family pressure and handling a new business. One year has passed and though I have achieved more than I thought, but it’s a long way to go to create a big dent.

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I’m a “Vanilla” Person!! Aiming to be an Entrepreneur

A young grads from College of Wooster in US looks for freedom. But how? Listen toTeddy10 

Indus New LogoHello everyone! I hope to be learning a lot about in the coming weeks. First, let me introduce myself. Well…I guess the best way to start off is to give you a physical picture. Imagine a senior in college who is about 5′ 8″ tall (1.72 meters) and weighs about 150 lbs (68 kgs). He’s got scruffy facial hair like an overgrown lazy teenager and hasn’t changed his clothing style since grade 8. Now throw that image away because that’s nothing what I look like. Actually, it is, but I wanted to add a plot twist. In the US, someone like that might be called “vanilla” or “plain”. They don’t look all that exciting from the outside. This is an interesting situation. You may have heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but in reality almost everyone judges instantly based on what they first see. It’s classic psychology at work. With that being said, I pretty much fly under the radar. My friends know me and my personality, but other than that I’ve a well-kept secret that blends into the rest of the crowd.

With that being said, I don’t imagine that I will be that type of person much longer. I am well on my way to being an entrepreneur. In fact, in the next few months I will file my legal documents for my first business. I am extremely excited about this! My first venture may fail, and possibly my second, but eventually I will have a business that succeeds. With that, I will have freedom, a freedom from that everyday monotonous life that so many people live. If I want to travel the world, I’ll travel the world. If I want to visit friends and family that are far away, I will be able to do that. Most people think that they are motivated by money, when really they are motivated by freedom. What would you do with your life if money wasn’t an issue?