Top 5 Reasons Foodies should Get The “Indus Food Membership”

The search for good food should never end. It starts from an unknown ally and goes into a top restaurant. Foods, memories and unforgettable experiences, we explore Taste Tales. Indus perceived the “food” industry in an extremely innovative way. It’s not just about blogging; it is about sharing the “yummy” memories and creating an ecosystem of connected foodies. Read recipes and explore unknown areas along the foodie avenue. Experience the hottest reviews and cook it for yourself. Hungry for more? Keep up with the restaurant scene in India and learn various lesser-known facts.  A membership that will be a foodie’s superpower. Let’s go inside the world of “Indus Food”.

Few Words On Indus

Kolkata’s fastest growing creative community has vowed to revolutionize some sectors. From photography to creative writing, food blogging to travel; Indus serves everything with a splash of fresh energy. The community aims to bring foodies under one roof and form a special ecosystem. Food events are organized throughout the year. Indus proudly presented “Eat and Write 2016”, the most engaging food event of the year. Well, there are more and this makes the membership very important. We never focus on participation; it’s the experience that matters. Don’t miss out on the fun, get the membership and intensify your love for food.

Okay, I am interested about the membership? What am I getting?

1. Discounts and Special Offers – Foodies, this is something magical for you. Avail special discounts in select restaurants and treat your taste buds. The “Indus Food Membership” will give you this unique opportunity to try out special dishes and check out some amazing food festivals at a discounted price. One membership, one small amount and a whole year of happiness comes along with it. Sounds delicious, right? There should be no second thoughts about it. True foodies have to get this membership.

2. Lesser Registration Fees. More Delicious Treats – Indus organizes several food events throughout the year. If you love food, you can’t afford to miss it. “Members” will not have to pay the original registration fees in these events. Pay a discounted amount and explore amazing treats in these special events. It’s not just about food, it is always about creating a like-minded community. Are you serious about turning your passion for food into something that gives money? We have something planned for that too.

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3. Food workshops -An Amazing Learning experience – The internet gets flooded with food pictures every second. There are thousands of food bloggers, who are fighting too hard to get their voice heard. Enrich your knowledge in the food workshops organized by Indus. The membership is your ticket to a new world of opportunities. The benefits are countless; you have to step in our world to start this rewarding journey.

4. Gifts and goodies – Well, who doesn’t like gifts? We care for our members and never forget to thank them for their support. It’s a family, where everyone is appreciated. Be a member and you are guaranteed to get amazing gifts around the year. Did we mention that there are some exciting contests too?


5. Certification – For those who are serious about blogging, content creation and social media, we have a special feature. You will learn various things in these events and find out ways about earning money by cashing in your passion. You can enrol yourself in the Content Writing or Social Media course and change the direction of your career. Enrolled candidates will get certificates which will be very useful later.

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Eat & Write : The Perfect Event For Foodies!

Food- for Thought

All those people whose tongues start sweating with just the mention of “food”, brace yourself as an event is coming soon to spice your life up! All the foodies and those people who help to guide the food-lovers can get a chance of their lifetime to experience something new and out of the box.

What’s the surprise?

Indus Youniverse, well known for their novel incentives to boost people up has conceived another path-breaking idea. On 14th August, we have arranged an event of ‘Eat and Write‘. The people, who are interested in writing blogs about foods and related topics, will get a chance to meet the best in this business and so will be able to take the much needed details and hone their skills. This event will strengthen the bond between the bloggers and the professionals which in a way will benefit the foodies with accurate info.

“BJ’s Sports Cafe Cum Lounge” is the chosen place of action. It is a great place to laze around and is popular for holding similar kinds of events.



Points to remember

This is a paid event and all the interested individuals or brands need to register themselves within the given time. They need to fill an online “Event Registration” form and then the amount stated should be paid. Only after this they will be considered eligible to take part by Indus Youniverse. There is an offer for those who want to register ASAP, Early bird offer, where one needs to pay only Rs. 350. This offer is valid till the 7th of August, after which the participants need to pay a sum of Rs. 425. Registration is open up till 12th August after which no applications will be entertained. For any further details, visit the facebook event page.

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Why GO?

The event is no doubt alluring, it is entertaining and enlightening simultaneously. Novices will get hands-on guidance from experts and to top it all, at the end of this, there awaits a handsome lunch. So, stop thinking and just give this a try.