Great Enthusiasm at DBS, Liluah: Mozilla Showed the Way

Super Saturday!!! And the Indus Blogging Community made a kick-start in association with Mozilla Firefox. Let the honeymoon continue….reports Subhasis Chatterjee 


The atmosphere became electrifying when sixty three dazzling faces brimming with confidence and extreme inquisitiveness flocked in front of me on a Saturday morning (7th Nov, 2015), at Don Bosco School, Liluah, for the event “Firefox Download: The IndUS way.” The very body language and the attitude of the XI Science students were so inspiring that it instantly spurred me to be more proactive to match their spirit.


A student’s life is full of experiences, some of which not only enlighten them but also prove to be a beautiful opportunity for students to interact and be a part of something new and enriching. The best experiences are the one’s that remain in their minds etched forever. Those experiences give the students a sense of immense pleasure whenever they think about it. It is these experiences that help them in their future. “Firefox Download: The IndUS way” was one such opportunity for the young minds where they did learn different nuances of blogging backed up by some amazing technology knowledge sharing platform from Mozilla Firefox. 

The Introduction

It all started with the wonderful inaugural speech by the Principal, Father Sunit Kiro, followed by a small introduction of the event by their computer teacher, Mr. Suman Roy. Then I took over and started explaining how ‘IndUS’ was born and what its mission is, its long term plan and where exactly we intend to culminate.


In India, many stereotype career options coexist where you can be successful only if you are a doctor or an engineer, but we tried to prove otherwise in an awesome way. Our aim delves deep in enthusing them about content writing, blogging, e-book writing and lot of creative activities. We strive to make them understand that this is a wonder world, which is no less than the conventional professions like medical or engineering. We analysed the importance of blogging and the IndUS projects. We went on to share the blueprint on how IndUS will help the students to shape up their careers if they want to take up content writing or blogging as their career options. No sooner did I start speaking, than I found the students hooked on to this interesting and rather new topic. The computer lab suddenly became a multiplex and I could see the enthralling crowd glued to my words with all ears.


The Mozilla Co-Relation

The next phase was planned to demonstrate Mozilla’s tremendous mission and activities to bolster the knowledge of the participating students. We emphasized on the how Mozilla understood the concept of bridging the inter-communal gap between various communities of India since India is an amalgamation of various cast, creeds and languages. Thus, in a very dynamic and fluid way we introduced the new initiative taken up by Mozilla to download the Firefox browser in 90 different languages.


The students got pleasantly surprised at Mozilla’s efforts to bridge the gap between various people in India and connect the world through technology updation. The students were also shown how to download the Hindi browser. A good number of 63 downloads took place within next 60 mins. The two hour knowledge sharing fun reached its climax when the attending students got free goodies from Mozilla. It was really encouraging.


Kudos to Mozilla! It was really nice to be a part of this wonderful Mozilla initiative.

Don Bosco Erupts, The Students Exult in Joy

Download Firefox: The IndUS Way‘ meet up on 7th Nov, 2015 at DBS, Liluah saw some amazing enthusiasm among the participants. Some excerpts, directly from horses’ mouth.



Recently I was lucky enough to have had such an experience that makes me feel how big the world is… Blogging. A word that brings a lot of questions in your mind, a lot of thoughts in your mind… And to answer it all here we had Subhasis Chatterjee sir who taught us all it meant. Sir taught us Blogging – its features, the techniques and the processes involved. It all was truly amazing.

He took out some time from his busy schedule just to teach us what it all is and how we can do blogging. From the Mozilla’s introduction and its uses and important updates, from Mozilla’s variety of languages to using them all he was there to help us in all these. Our inquisitive and stupid doubts to asking questions not related to the topic we had asked them all. But he answered patiently to our doubts without getting irritated. It was a good experience all together and it was quite a lot of fun.

The activities were also interesting and it provided us with enough opportunities to prove our skills. Truly great thanks to Mozilla and ‘Indus’ and not to forget, big thanks to the people behind it. The person who thought about it… And Subhasis sir who accomplished the task. ‘Indus’ is a great mission of uniting India and U.S. It is truly a great thought. Hats off to the people who thought about such a great idea. A small tagline that might help you in the future (although I am not supposed to… still)-‘to unite the whole world through blogging, where style and passion is born. Indus… the blog for a blogger for whom… Pen is mightier than the sword. ..THANK YOU ALL!


Rohitendra Chatterjee, XI Sc, DON BOSCO SCHOOL LILUAH

We, the students of the science section had a wonderful chance to take part in this and get some facts and figures clear. Mr. Subhasis Chatterjee, representing Mozilla enriched us on the topic of the importance of blogging and the Mozilla inititatives.

Sir told us about how Mozilla understood the concepts of bridging the inter-communal gap between various communities of India because India is an amalgamation of various cast, creeds and languages. Thus, in a very dynamic and fluid way he introduced us to the new initiatives taken up by Mozilla to release the Firefox browser in 90 different languages, if I remember correctly including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada and many more. I was pretty amazed at Mozilla’s efforts to bridge the gap between various people in India and connect the world through blogging. Subhasis sir made us feel at ease. We were also showed how to download the Hindi browser and we downloaded it of our own. Last but not the least, we also got free goodies from Mozilla .So I would like to end this post on the note that making Mozilla native to India and introducing people to blogging is a wonderful head start for making the world a true Global Village…..Kudos to Mozilla!!!!!



A day well spent with two people coming from ‘IndUS‘ to make us learn the importance of blogging. I support their innovative ideas about moving up to make a connection between India and US. I would also like to give a big thanks to our school authorities for giving the permission to make time for this interactive session with them. I learnt a lot of interesting and unknown facts about Mozilla Firefox and its upcoming venture of globalizing the Firefox browser in different languages. Eagerly waiting for the next interactive session…


Dhritiman Mukherjee, XI Sc, DON BOSCO SCHOOL LILUAH

The workshop that you conducted today at our school was highly enthusiastic and is worth an appreciation. After this workshop, I got somewhat an idea about blogging and also got to know about Mozilla in a better away. Being an inquisitive student forever, I am very glad that I got my questions satisfactorily answered by you. I look forward to meeting you again and hope that I come across many more interesting issues and news and workshops conducted by you. It was a very pleasant experience meeting a highly talented person like you sir….with such an innovative idea and an initiative for the betterment of our community and country. I hereby agree with your thoughts and ideas and I hope that you will be successful in your initiative. Looking forward to many other workshops conducted by you!!

Compilation: Subhasis Chatterjee

Technology and Blogging Connect India and the World

LogoI was a participant of the amazing workshop arranged for the science students of Don Bosco, Liluah. 7th November, 2015 will be etched in my memory for ever and I am eagerly waiting for the next interactive session. This day my school gave me the golden opportunity to take part in the amazing “Firefox Download: The IndUS Way” event. This event was skillfully arranged and conducted by the IndUS blogging community and Mozilla. This event opened in front of us a whole new world of blogging and the thing which drew my attention most was the new initiative of Mozilla.

I was initially irritated to wear my school uniform and head towards school as it was a bright, sunny Saturday morning. However, my sore feeling soon turned to much enthusiasm and fun as the event proceeded. We were welcomed and introduced to the IndUS community by our Principle, Father Sunit Kiro. He then handed over the mike as well as the apparently impossible responsibility, of making us sit for two long hours, to Mr. Subhasis Chatterjee. But this time Mozilla and IndUS made the impossible, possible as we were all literally glued to our seat as well as Subhasis sir’s words.

The first segment introduced us to the world of blogging, content writing, creative writing and e-book writing. It was great to know that there existed lots of such areas which we can take up as profession. Trainings and degrees are also arranged if you wish to take up these courses apart from the conventional engineering and medical studies. The most interesting thing I leant in the second phase of the event is that Mozilla has recently introduced the opportunity of downloading the Firefox browser in 90 different languages including Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati and a lot more. We were taught by Subhasis sir to download the browser in Hindi and downloading it on my own gave me Goosebumps!

I was amazed to know how Mozilla took the initiative to bridge the inter-communal gap between different Indian communities. Mozilla aimed at globalizing the Firefox browser make India’s unity stronger. In other words both Mozilla and IndUS aimed at connecting India and the world- Mozilla through technology and IndUS through blogging. The best part of the event was to receive free goodies from Mozilla. To sum up, the workshop was worth appreciating and I totally support the endeavors of both IndUS and Mozilla to bring India and the world together.

Written By: Abhinab Mishra, XISc, DBL