IntZilla showed the way, students got enlightened

Written by Avirup Basu on May 16, 2016


IntZilla was a one day knowledge sharing tech event organized on 16th May, 2016 at the Siliguri Institute of Technology (Techno India group) which targeted the introduction of new technologies to the students. The event had a great response with an astounding presence of over 120 enthusiastic participants throughout the session. Speakers from Mozilla, Intel and Microsoft were present. The session kick started at 10 am and continued till 6 pm. The event also had three in-house speakers.


Topics covered

The following topics were covered during the event.

  1. Mozilla Network security – Subhasis Chatterjee
  2. Mozilla FSA campaign – Anindya Basu
  3. Cloud computing – Abhishek Sur
  4. Introduction to IoT – Dibyo Ghosh Chowdhury
  5. RealSense and Hololens app development – Abhishek Nandy
  6. Voice recognition using Intel Edison – Avirup Basu


A total of six sessions coupled with live demos were presented. The main target was to enlighten the students with these new technologies. The live demos included Microsoft Windows Azure, Intel RealSense, app development of Microsoft HoloLens and ultimately voice recognition using PocketSphinx. A lunch break of 30 minutes was provided after three sessions.

Feedback from the students

The feedback obtained from the students was positive and the most exciting part was that the students demanded more such sessions in the future with live demos and hands on workshops.


Future events

After the first edition of IntZilla, the main focus will definitely shift to the upcoming versions. There are also plans to organize Mozilla hackathons at SIT. Beside hackathons, Intel and Microsoft may join hands to organize hands on workshops at this college.


Blogging: A New World Revealed

Logo7 November, 2015 opened up new avenues in my life. My school, Don Bosco Liluah and Mozilla together answered all my questions regarding the most interesting word and profession ‘blogging.’ It was an amazing Saturday morning as I participated in the “Firefox Download: The IndUS way” event. This was an excellent initiative no doubt by the IndUS Blogging Community and Mozilla Firefox, who gave us this golden opportunity to understand every tits bits of blogging.

To help us learn and feed our inquisitive minds we had among us Mr. Subhasis Chatterjee, who explained about blogging, its features and technique involved in detail. He was there all through to help us understanding blogging all well as Mozilla’s introduction, use and new updates. It was good to see him answer all our valid and stupid questions with much patience. It was fun altogether.

Every activity involved starting from the very beginning was really interesting. The introduction by The Principle, Father Sunit Kiro followed the first phase of the event- introducing the concept of content writing, creative activities, e-book writing and blogging. IndUs made it very clear that these new world is no less than the conventional professional world of medical and engineering. This really made us think of taking up blogging or content writing as profession. This was a rather new topic introduced to us and we were all glued to Mr. Chatterjee’s words. The initiative of IndUs and its mission was clear to us and according to me the people behind this initiative deserves a standing ovation.

Starting with blogging the event moved on to the next phase where we learnt Mozilla’s new mission. We understood how Mozilla has taken an initiative to bridge the inter-communal space between numerous Indian communities. We were also introduced to the initiative of Mozilla of downloading the browser in 90 distinct dialects. We were also shown and allowed to download the Firefox browser in Hindi. The best part of the entire event is to get free goodies from Mozilla. It is really hard to say which of the two segments were more interesting.

This two hours of fun filled learning process was no doubt very encouraging for our young minds. My heartiest thanks to IndUS and Mozilla, for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to shape our future. The event was like a pathfinder towards selecting our professions in today’s technology driven world.

Written By: Rohitendra Chatterjee, XI Sc, DBL