Why Physical Intimacy Has An Edge Over Sex?

Written By Sameeksha Aggarwal


Human psychology is one of the most intricate psychologies of the world. Every one of us needs companionship of a good soul at some point of time. Generally, strong physical intimacy includes holding hands together for hours, hugging each or sitting close to each other etc. Stability of emotions is cardinal to live a life of elation. It only comes from physical intimacy with our beloved ones. On the other hand, sex is just a physical involvement of two people for fulfillment of their biological needs.


Why Physical Intimation Is A Broader Concept?               

Physical intimation has a broad spectrum while sex does not have that. Each one of us needs someone with whom we can pour our heart out and be honest with our every single emotion. This person can be anyone in this world but when it comes to sex, it is not the same. Physical intimacy starts from infancy and remains until the last stage of our life. Somehow, it has the power to pull us from the phase of darkness and bring us into the light of enlightenment.

Physical intimacy is the foundation of the sex. Though there are, one night stands but that too occur due to dilemma of emotions. Emotional stability is key component to have a balance life. No one knows that how profound is the effect of hug at time of dejection.  An assurance that everything will be fine is sometimes very important no matter how bad the situation is. Sex is just a moment, while physical intimation is a phase that always stays with us in form of memories.


In a nutshell, physical intimacy is the heart of every relationship and there is nothing, which could replace it. Sex is momentary happiness and is short lived too. Thus, physical intimacy gives us strength at time of need and makes us strong with every hard situation. Emotional fitness comes from knowing someone deeply, honestly, and with continuous exchange of optimistic energies.

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Warning! You Are Slowly Killing Yourself By Doing These 5 Things

Written By Pathikrit Banerjee

Life is the biggest reality show on this planet, everything is so unexpected. There are challenges everywhere; each incident brings out a different side of our personality. Some things hurt us deeply, yet we can’t change anything about them. From the atmosphere inside our workplace to the relationships we are in, imperfection is present everywhere. We do so many things for the people we love, but it doesn’t always come back. This creates depression and we can feel our self-confidence becoming lesser and lesser. You deserve some love too. If the people around you are not giving it to you, it is time for you take up the responsibility. Your journey matters, your emotions matter, “You” matter.

1. Feeding the negative thoughts: Negativity is present all around us, it is very easy to let it inside our brain. Social media promotes perfection; we constantly keep comparing our life with others. Acceptance is the key here; it bridges the gap between expectation and reality. It is not a quick process, acceptance comes slowly. But once it arrives, the confusion is cleared. You have integrity, always value that. Your struggles can’t go to waste; keep marching on the path you have chosen for yourself.


2. Next Addiction: This is a strange addiction in which your mind tells you to search for better things. From a better job to a better relationship, next addiction will never let you settle. Be happy with the things you have right now and try to fix the weak areas.

3.Trying to please everyone: People are different, you must accept this quickly. They have different agendas and your job is not to fulfill that. You have limits, never cross those boundaries to please someone. People should see your weaknesses and learn to accept you.

4. Overthinking: Nothing kills your happiness faster than overthinking. It is a toxic thing; you need to remove from your system. It never solved any problems; it always exerted extra pressure on your mind. Keep yourself occupied with various things, there should be no room for negative thoughts inside your mind. Break the imaginary cages and free your spirit, good vibes are precious.


5. Holding on to the past: We all have made mistakes in life, it is natural. Everyone wants to press the “undo” button at least once, but life gives us only one shot. Instead of thinking about the mistakes, we should try to learn from them. This is the only way; we can make the future better. Remembering those troubled memories only brings us pain, it keeps us captive. The past can never hurt us, if we don’t let it.

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3 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before She Gets Her First Salary

Written by Ayantika Dey on May 5, 2016

It is widely believed and agreed upon by any working professional that “Your Salary is Credited” is more appealing than an “I Love You” text from your loved one! And if it’s the question of receiving the very first salary the anticipation and the excitement raises to a whole new level.Working those long tiring hours can be a real bummer but the very thought of receiving the paycheck is what keeps us going. The golden dreams about all the infinite number of things we will do with the hard earned money makes our lives worthwhile. The rough phase before setting your hands on your beloved paycheck is filled with wishes and dreams.

Here are the three things all girls dream and ponder upon before receiving her very first salary!

1. Shop till You Drop

We girls are excellent planners! We plan and rehearse the exact things we are going to do after getting the money in hand and shopping tops the chart no doubt.  Whoever said money cant buy happiness had no clue where to shop from! Countless stops at store windows, browsing through clothes and accessories on online shopping portals and secretly whispering to the items, “I’m going to get you!” is all we do. The whole idea of buying anything without being answerable to someone else is a thrill in itself. Adding items to the cart without checking the price tag is mostly the reason most girls dream of getting a job and put in all the effort and hard work!



2. With Money comes Responsibilities

When the shopping spree dies down a notch, our sense of responsibility comes into play. Getting a surprise gift for your ever supportive parents becomes the priority. The contribution of parents is immense but we all try and give back a little to bring a smile on their faces. Buying them clothes or treating them to a peaceful vacation are few undeniable ideas that have crossed our minds. Gifting a token of thanks to our benefactors and well-wishers or even to our ever supportive pet is sure to be in the list too.We can never deny that the idea of investment or spending on insurance has never crossed our mind. But why worry now? We have many more paychecks to set out hands on!

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3. Self-Indulgence

After all the excitement dies down and we think clearly with a calm mind; spending money on oneself becomes the only relevant idea.Spending on oneself is a luxury in itself. Treating yourself to a rejuvenating spa, getting an inspirational tattoo (Let’s face it they are both an expensive as well as a long term investment), taking a long vacation alone or treating yourself to a luxurious restaurant can be enriching and motivating; making you ready to take on the next grueling month ahead.



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‪‪Art of Living: Top 5 ways Facebook can ruin your Relationship

Written by Ayantika Dey on March 11, 2016

Wake up, check Facebook for notifications, scroll through the news feed, jump over to Instagram, spend a few minutes there, respond to WhatsApp texts and check messages in the group chats followed by twitter and tumbler! It is the general morning routine for all! It’s hard to even imagine a day without a Smartphone or an internet connection. So here’s how Facebook can ruin your relationship.

1. PDA. Keep it to yourself please!

We all have encountered couples posting pictures of PDA on Facebook or Instagram. It can be quite a sore if you can’t match up with it. We tend to compare them with our personal life and make huge issues around it.


(Image Source: http://images.mid-day.com/images/2015/dec/02-Ranveer-Deepika-2.jpg)

2. The password issue!

We measure trust with our significant other’s Social Media password. We are ready to even lay down our life for someone who shows us their WhatsApp conversations or gives us their Facebook password. It’s that serious an issue!


3. DPs, Likes & Comments!

Old flames, exes still friends on Facebook? Be sure to go light on liking and commenting on their pictures. Your significant other is sure to stalk it down and raise hell!

Virtual Love

(Image Source: http://holykaw.alltop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/22022358-media_httpfarm6static_zhwfw.jpg)

4. Relationship Status – Complicated !!

The relationship status being changed from Single to Committed can mean the world between couples. Though it is superficial but not changing the relationship status can give birth to trusting issues.

fb complicated

(Image Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Yk1o6pfJIWA/UwK5k-pIQ0I/AAAAAAAAAtc/8kw3lMLRGTU/s1600/fb+complicated.png)

5. Losing the Personal touch

Couples are more familiar with checking on each other through social media than in person. Intimacy issues or even connecting with each other in person can face a huge blockage and create problems.

We're falling behind on our payments...

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