Social Media Won’t Spoil Everything. The New Generation will survive it

Written By Indus Content Team

Social media has been the crowning jewel of the 21st century. The first recognizable social media site Six Degrees was launched in the year 1997. Nowadays, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are the officers in command in the world of social media. Social media has been a prominent part of the lives of today’s youth. Social media is no longer just a place for socializing or chatting. Because of social media, two people who used to chat together are now together or better even married and starting their own family. I think we can hardly find a youth of today’s generation who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

While many argue that it’s becoming detrimental to the growth of the young minds of the young generation, I personally think that if used properly it would turn out to be only a boon for all the people using it all cross the world.

1. Educational Help – Parents are of the view that if their children use social media it will hamper their studies and they will soon lose their focus and consequently be getting poor grades. But, today’s generation is much smarter than that. WhatsApp or Facebook groups are created to spread various important messages, regarding the class activities. So one doesn’t have to dial up everyone and inform them over the phone one by one. When you are stuck with a problem, just post the question in the group containing your friend’s circle and within minutes you will be getting the solution or at least the views about that particular problem.

According to a report made in recent years, about 59% of the youth of this world use social media for the purpose of studying

2. Spreading Awareness – Nowadays most of the people get informed about what’s going on around the world through social media. According to a report, about 27.7% of the people in US get information about then happenings in the world through social media. News gets dispersed must faster once it gets into social platforms. The youth of the world no longer has to wait for arrival of the next day’s newspaper to get up to date with the world. Instead, what they do is just see the various Facebook pages and are informed immediately about the recent happenings by someone whom they don’t even know.

3. Social Benefits – About 88% of the people in this world get to keep in touch with their family and other loved ones through social media. Also about 57% of today’s teenagers have made friends through it and 52% of the teens have improved their bond of friendship by using social media. In today’s hectic world, it’s almost next to impossible to get in touch with each and every member of your family through telephone and so social media has only helped them in this cause.


4. Increasing Job Opportunities – Social media has been successful laying quite a strong platform for the young people who are in search of jobs. Most of the people get informed about the various job prospects that are looming over their heads and the companies to get to advertise their need of more employees through social media.

Thus, it can be said that social media is immensely beneficial for not only the youth of today’s world but for everyone one why wants to stay connected with this world. But even social media has its various cons. But we all know that nothing or no one is perfect in this world. But if we use social media only to our own advantage; it will be a powerful weapon which can be our beacon of progression and success in the near future. And who better to do this than the youth of today’s world.


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Top 3 Secrets to Writing an Awesome Blog Post… Even if You Are Not a Talented Writer

Written by Ujjayini Pal on March 17, 2016

A certain layout of a blog can help you to add more content in a short span of time. Even if you are not a good writer, you can end up writing a great blog post by using a great layout. A structure can really overshadow your minor faults as a writer. Showcasing your individuality can now be fun if you follow the simple tricks discussed below. You will end up writing great blog posts in less time.

Give a good heading

Writing a good heading can now and then require as much exertion as composing your whole post. The heading of a post is the primary thing the visitors see, and this is the first thing that will bring more visitors to your post. It’s a tiny bit like a decent strip tease; it abandons a few things to the creative ability yet unquestionably stands out enough to be noticed.


(Image Source:

Make use of available white space

Keep in mind that every reader out there is an information junkie and they spend time on the internet quite too much to get some useful information. So, just think about it. If you visit a blog page which is flooded with images, big texts and loud colors. The page might contain the required information, but the writing style and the total scenario will repel you from reading it carefully. Too little white space in your page can result in loss of interest of the visitors.


(Image Source:

Include Images or Videos

People are more interested in looking at pictures and videos rather than reading an entire post. All people want is to be entertained and feed their overenthusiastic brains. However, this does not mean you will incorporate unnecessary videos into your post. To make your blog post more interesting you can include some images as they also help to give paragraph gaps.

The main thing of a successful blog is the visitors. So, external links of some other websites that matches with your topic of the blog post is also a useful weapon of writing a killer blog post.


(Image Source:

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‪‪Art of Living: Top 5 ways Facebook can ruin your Relationship

Written by Ayantika Dey on March 11, 2016

Wake up, check Facebook for notifications, scroll through the news feed, jump over to Instagram, spend a few minutes there, respond to WhatsApp texts and check messages in the group chats followed by twitter and tumbler! It is the general morning routine for all! It’s hard to even imagine a day without a Smartphone or an internet connection. So here’s how Facebook can ruin your relationship.

1. PDA. Keep it to yourself please!

We all have encountered couples posting pictures of PDA on Facebook or Instagram. It can be quite a sore if you can’t match up with it. We tend to compare them with our personal life and make huge issues around it.


(Image Source:

2. The password issue!

We measure trust with our significant other’s Social Media password. We are ready to even lay down our life for someone who shows us their WhatsApp conversations or gives us their Facebook password. It’s that serious an issue!


3. DPs, Likes & Comments!

Old flames, exes still friends on Facebook? Be sure to go light on liking and commenting on their pictures. Your significant other is sure to stalk it down and raise hell!

Virtual Love

(Image Source:

4. Relationship Status – Complicated !!

The relationship status being changed from Single to Committed can mean the world between couples. Though it is superficial but not changing the relationship status can give birth to trusting issues.

fb complicated

(Image Source:

5. Losing the Personal touch

Couples are more familiar with checking on each other through social media than in person. Intimacy issues or even connecting with each other in person can face a huge blockage and create problems.

We're falling behind on our payments...

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How has Facebook affected your relationship? Tell us by commenting below.