The New Self Publishing Platform for Aspiring Authors


There is always something special about the city of Kolkata. When you arrive in the city of euphoria, you will comprehend why it is so uncommon. The nourishment, the way of life, the neighborliness, the general population and above all the passionate bonds, there is always a feel good atmosphere. Kolkata has been home to some well known writers and artistic identities, so obviously the adoration for perusing goes through the city’s veins. Be that as it may, with the evolving times, innovation has patched up everything from the way individuals converse with the way individuals compose. So creators need to adjust to these progressions as well, so as to stay in top of their diversion.

Importance of self publishing

The advantages of self publishing are unique in its own way and this is the only reason of its popularity among new writers. The best part of self publishing is that it gives the author total control over his writing than common method of publishing. The writer can edit almost everything and the technique is extremely customizable. As a writer you can select, design and upload the cover of the book according to your choice. You can also set the price by yourself and also hook up with your readers straight. Understanding the likes and dislikes of the readers was never this easy and you can easily make any changes at anytime as you think is needed. Everything happens progressively and it is amazingly quick. In addition, the eminences are also more and this is all that anyone could need to draw in more creators to utilize this stage.

Introducing KDP for upcoming authors

The first ever book “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of The Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought” by Douglas Hofstadter from Amazon was bought by John Wainwright in 1995. Since that great event, the love for books on the part of Amazon has increased every year. The main aim of Amazon was to gift the writers an amazing platform where they will be able to share their sheer talent, connect with the readers easily and influence their lives. With this aim in mind the Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP was introduced which is all about the writer to be independent.

KDP introduced to the people of Kolkata

Amazon facilitated their KDP occasion for the people of Kolkata on December 8, 2015 and it ended up being an awesome ordeal for some. The principle center was on empowering the authors of Kolkata to take up KDP and use it to distribute books. The system was directed by Neal Thompson, Amazon’s Director of Author and Publishing Relations and according to him being a successful author is no doubt a great thing. Inquiries poured in from numerous individuals yet Neil took care of them with power. At that point there were the visitors of the day – Rose Garg and Viji Vardarajan, who came into limelight holding hands of Kindle. Viji shared her astonishing tale about how she turned into a creator from being a basic homemaker. As far as the second author Rose Garg is concerned, there is a long way to go from her too. She had overcome enough to leave her place of employment and pursue her enthusiasm for composing, not many individuals can do that.

KDP gifted a whole new world to the essayists, and made them reach the worldwide crowd very easily and that too free of expense. Be that as it may, it stays to be seen, how Kolkata exploits this wonderful platform.