5 Things You NEVER Thanked Your Grandmother For

Written by Ujjayini Pal on April 17, 2016

There is no one who does not love to visit his/her Grandma’s home? The very presence of a grandma is supporting, establishing, and brimming with irregular episodes of knowledge. There are such a large number of diamonds grandmas offer, and we frequently overlook or never get an opportunity to express gratitude toward them for all the integrity they enliven.

1. She will always feed you

It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you have to go your granny’s home for 5 long hours or just to drop something off; you will dependably leave with a full stomach. Some of the time she even gives additional food to carry home with you, which is a great reason behind why your grandmother is absolutely great.

2. She is no doubt the nicest woman on earth

Everyone who got lots of love from your grandma will consider her to the nicest woman alive. She possesses a golden heart. You seek to be as kind and giving as she is one day.

3. A hug from her will make your day

No matter how bad your day was, simply a visit to your grandma’s place will lighten up your mood. This is because she will give the world’s best hug. You will feel like a child again every time she will hold you in her arms. She knows it all that will make you feel better. Thank her at least once.

4. Grandmas are great listeners

You got to say something very important to your girl gang and no one is listening? Nothing to worry. Just drop a visit to your grandma’s place and talk your heart out with this lovely lady. She will listen uninterrupted, she will understand and most importantly she will care. Grandmas are great listeners and you must thank her for tolerating all your stupid lectures.

5. She is your style guru

Want to experiment with a new style? Take tips from your grandma. She is no doubt your buddy, your best girl when it comes to fashion. This is mainly because grandmas are born to be classy and unique. Everything about her is ethnic and classy. She is a really cool combination- a bad ass. You can even borrow her 80’s style necklace and pair it with your maxi dress.

In addition to all the above mentioned things, there are lots of other things too that should also be taken into consideration. How can you think of forgetting to thank the lady who remembers your birthday every year? This year stop quarrelling with your boyfriend for not wishing you on your birthday and take your granny out for a dinner in your favorite restaurant.

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The Selfie Apocalypse: Why I Decided to Stop Taking Selfies For A Month

Written by Ayantika Dey on April 10, 2016

A selfie is a self portrait photograph, taken typically on a Smartphone or a camera held in one hand or supported by a selfie stick. This is the actual definition of a selfie but nowadays it has evolved to be much more than just a self portrait. It ranges from being the equivalent to an autograph to documenting the unexpectedly good hair days. In one word, selfies define our lifestyle and the way we are.

Social media and selfies share a prospering relationship! Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, selfies are making their mark everywhere. The selfie fever has affected people from all age groups and backgrounds. Be it a school student taking a selfie the night before his examination or a proud new grandparent taking a selfie with the newborns, the selfie mania has taken the world by storm.

The addiction to get the perfect selfie or even the competition to get more likes and views on the social media is ruining the life for many.  To get the perfect selfie many have even risked their lives and a few got in trouble with the law.

Here are few instances how a mere selfie can ruin your life.

1. Privacy at risk

Posting a selfie for each time you step out of the house or even try on something new is putting your privacy at stake. The innocent act of posting a selfie and letting the world know all about you can often be a considerable red flag.



2.The selfie addict

The addiction to get the selfie right is costing more lives than accounted for. The search for the perfect backdrop is taking youngsters to a great extent which often proves to be life threatening!



3. Relationships gone bad

Competing for likes and reactions on social media with your peers are no less serious an issue than world politics. A like or a comment from your special someone on your rival’s selfie can break the bridges down!



4. All about the looks!

The selfie spree has put too much emphasis on the physical appearance.  The urge to look or feel perfect at all times has taken its toll on many. The concept of “a beautiful soul” is taking a backseat as judging people by their physical appearance become the high priority.



Thus taking a selfie is good and appreciated until it becomes an addiction and takes over us and makes us its self-proclaimed victim!

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IPL 2016: Indus Youniverse “Colours of IPL” Contest – All you need to know

Colours of IPL

It’s time to show your passion, be your team’s BIGGEST FAN!

From Dravid’s Daredevils to Dhoni’s Supergiants, the carnival of sixes has begun. Are you supporting the Kings of Punjab mentored by Viru or are you a hardcore KKR fan? Show your true colours and soak yourself in the spirit of this cricketing extravaganza.

Unleash your creativity by sharing your Vivo IPL 2016 experiences and views with us in our Indus YouniverseColours of IPL” Contest. There are amazing prizes and goodies waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

What you need to do?

Take out your smartphone and capture various moods of IPL 2016. From celebration Selfies to snaps of things related to the game. You can also write 500 word blogs on various IPL related topics. Send it to “contactindusblog@gmail.com” on or before 31st May, 2016. Please remember, we do not require match reports or any on-field technical analysis of the game.

Topics can be like:

  1. Top 10 things you didn’t knew about KKR
  2. 5 Stars to watch out for in this IPL
  3. IPL 2016: Some stats that will blow your mind
  4. Vivo IPL 2016: The glitz, the glam and the cricket in between
  5. Any off the field activities.

Terms & Conditions:

1) The content ( blog or pic) must be original, innovative and credible. Copied blogs would be rejected.

2) Your blogs & Self taken pictures will be judged based on choice of topics, originality, innovating thinking and style of presentation.

3) The blog should be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

4) One can send a maximum of 3 entries in total (combining blogs & pics OR Just 3 different blogs OR just 3 different pics).

5) Blogs & pics sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

6) Indus Youniverse panel of judges hold the rights to accept / reject / choose the top 3 winners along with top 100 entries of the competition.


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Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs who changed the game

Written by Sritama Gupta on April 4, 2016

Majority of the people think that a woman is weak to manage a group of men. They can only manage house-hold stuffs & small things. But there have been instances, where women around the world  have mesmerized the world with their sense of leadership & proved the fact that they are not only capable of taking big challenges as entrepreneurs but also possess the ability to run a company successfully. So here I present to you 5 top entrepreneurs who besides being a woman have made the world to think twice before commenting on a women.

Indra Nooyi

A Tamil by birth & the current CEO & chairperson of the giant tycoon & second largest food & beverage business in the world, PepsiCo, Indra Krisnamurthy Nooyi, consistently ranked amongst the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. She was ranked 13 in the Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. She is armed with the Master degree in Public Management from the prestigious Yale University & Marketing from IIM Kolkata. Prior to being the CEO of Pepsico, she held several senior positions at Motorola & Asea Brown Boveri. She is a big inspiration for all the women & especially Indian women who dream for entrepreneurship.


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Elizabeth Holmes

Founder of the blood testing company THERANOS, Elizabeth Holmes, at the young age of 32, is a well known figure in the world of entrepreneurship  It is because of her contribution in the field of business & non-profit entrepreneurial life that USA’s women owned business jumped to a percentage of 68% in the year 1997-2014. It is her childhood lifestyle which motivated her to pursue the life of entrepreneurship in the field of medical aid which has led her & company to a height of being a company with an estimated market value of net 4.5 billion USD (2015).


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Laurene Powell

Currently the holder of 44th position of the FORBES Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur, Laurene is the CEO & founder of the well known Emerson Collectives, which advocates policies concerning education & immigration reforms, social justice & environmental conservation. Her company now accounts to have a net worth of USD 16.7 billion (February 2016). She holds a degree of B.A in political science from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Arts Sciences, in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1985. She received her M.B.A degree in 1991 from Graduate School of Business. Besides being a mother of 4, & wife to one of the most well known figure in the world of computers, Steve Jobs, she is also the founder of Terravera, a natural food company & has been in many senior posts in many well known companies.


Picture Source

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

India’s first biotech entrepreneur & currently at 85th position in the FORBES Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur, she is the CEO of Biocon in the year of 1978. Now her company has set a goal to increase their revenue to $1 billion. She is also the current chairperson of IIM Bangalore. She was awarded the Othmer Gold medal for outstanding contributions in the progress of science & chemistry. After attending Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, she studied biology & zoology, graduating from Bangalore University with a B.Sc in Zoology in 1973. It is because of her father’s pursuance that she also attained a Degree Master Brewer in 1975. After a brief period as trainee manager at Biocon Biochemicals ltd, Ireland, she returned to India to start Biocon in India. With her sheer determination & hard work her company reached to a great height of success.


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Last but not the least this Colombian beauty, who is at the 81st position in the FORBES Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur, is a mother & heart throb of millions round the world due to her beauty & looks. She has a current worth of $220 million (2015). She was initially a belly dancer but rose to prominence with her major Latin-American album Pies Descalzos. Slowly she gave one hit after another like Whenever Wherever (2002), Hips don’t lie & She wolf (2009) & many more, She got a world acclaim for the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP song Waka Waka (This time for Africa) which became the biggest selling World cup song of all time. She has won many awards like MTV Video music Awards, has 8 Latin Grammy under her belt, 7 Billboard Music Awards & lots more. Her song continues to be sensuous capturing the hearts of millions even today.


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So did I miss some distinct women in this list? Do leave your valuable comments down here.


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